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» Agile Messenger: ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! & AOL For MS Smartphone

Summary: Agile Messenger is a free instant messaging application that supports ICQ®, AOL®, Yahoo!® and MSN®.

Arrived: 2003-11-21
Found under: agile, messenger, icq, msn, yahoo, aol, smartphone

» Agile Messenger: ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! & AOL For MS Smartphone Description

Agile Messenger is an Instant Messenger for your mobile telephone.

Agile Messenger supports the four most popular instant messaging services: ICQ®, AOL®, Yahoo!® and MSN®.

Not only is Agile Messenger the most user friendly and reliable instant messenger available for your mobile phone, it is also completely free. Thanks to Agile Messenger you can be truly mobile and never be out of contact with your business contacts or friends again.

the Agile Messenger: ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! & AOL For MS Smartphone free for your smartphone

» Comments

Wed30Aug at 5:24 am
Andy M wrote...
It says that this software is completely free but yet it is only giving you a trial version! eh?
Sun24Sep at 10:20 am
hensem wrote...
crappy stupid software free yahoo free icq msn come with windows any good reason to buy this software?
Wed18Oct at 10:28 pm
shnooky wrote...
do u kno where I can download a seperate AIM software for my Smartphone2125 wm5?
Tue21Nov at 8:26 am
SmartGuy wrote...
There is a file (bd.xml) in the "agile messenger" folder that count down your usage.. one fine morning you'd be shock that agile messenger refuses to start.
Tue1May at 12:56 am
VISHAL PURI wrote...
how can i baught agile messengrr software in indian currency
Sat2Jun at 2:02 am
david wrote...
best application
Tue26Jun at 1:47 pm
ANdy wrote...
Does this program use SMS or does it go over the data connection?
Thu28Jun at 4:26 pm
gttttt wrote...
Thu12Jul at 3:38 pm
adetay wrote...
Tue31Jul at 9:11 am
7ooda wrote...
Wed8Aug at 6:49 am
Yura Sernivka wrote...
Thu30Aug at 3:04 am
ahmed wrote...
Fri19Oct at 12:34 am
kaushal wrote...
its gud for pocket pc.
Fri23Nov at 3:57 am
nando wrote...
Tue27Nov at 8:01 am
AEEMAN wrote...
Mon17Dec at 3:07 pm
jonthas wrote...
muito bom
Mon18Feb at 8:23 pm
tata wrote...
very good
Fri18Apr at 1:21 am
ibrahim afridi wrote...
very well
Sat3May at 1:14 am
imtiaz wrote...
Sun11May at 4:33 am
victor wrote...
Mon11Aug at 12:19 am
oyong wrote...
try to be good
Tue11Nov at 8:23 pm
Justin wrote...
Not freeware
Sun21Dec at 10:02 pm
Adji wrote...
Do you want free for IM windows mobile 5, please use
Sun27Sep at 10:04 pm
shohag wrote...
fucker ,not freeware
Thu1Oct at 6:52 pm
sica wrote...
use this
Sun15Aug at 2:32 pm
valerian wrote...
please where can i download a free messenger for my smartphone windows mobile (palm treo 750) despirate for d answer.
Sun22Aug at 5:02 am
viorel wrote...
agile messenger
Sat18Sep at 3:34 pm
sylvester wrote...
I need yahoo messenger aplication that can work on windos mobile smartphone
Sat18Sep at 3:54 pm
sylvester wrote...
I need yahoo messenger aplication that can work on windos mobile smartphone
Thu3Nov at 12:56 pm
Alexelohor wrote...
i want it so bad
Sun11Mar at 1:43 pm
dina puentes wrote...
Gud i guess
Sat7Apr at 2:12 pm
ghost wrote...
Unsubsribe me
Sun15Apr at 10:09 am
erika wrote...
is a first time i'm enter to this page,is good.



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