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» ASV - American Standard Version for Smartphone

Summary: Read and search the ASV on your SmartPhone device!

Arrived: 2004-02-07
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» ASV - American Standard Version for Smartphone Description

The American Standard Version (ASV)  for your Smartphone from Olive Tree Bible Software.

FEATURES: The BibleReader includes the following:

  • Verse Chooser - quick tap allows easy verse navigation.
  • Search for words or phrases, excellent options.
  • Personal Notes can be added to specific verses for future reference.
  • Bookmarks - mark verses and arrange topically or alphabetically.
  • Split Screens - display up to two versions of the Bible simultaneously.
  • Verse Locking - compare the same verse in different texts simultaneously.
  • Advanced  configuration  - choose what to display in split screen windows, scrolling options
  • User-friendly layout
  • Customizable!  Select the font, color, and background you like. 
  • Free application updates
  • Free email support

Over 80 Bible versions and study tools are available from Olive Tree Bible Software.

ABOUT THE VERSION: The ASV, first published in 1901, was produced originally as a revision to the Revised Version of the original KJV. The American Standard Version is considered to be very accurate. 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Download the zip file to the Desktop of your computer.  Open the zip file and extract BibleReader_SmartPhone.exe to your desktop.  Open Microsoft ActiveSync and click on Explore.  Then click on My Smartphone.  Copy and Paste the BibleReader_SmartPhone.exe file into the \IPSM\Windows\Start Menu folder.  Create a Bible folder in the following location: \IPSM\My Documents\Bible.  If you want to store the Bible version on your storage card,  create the folder at Storage Card\My Documents\Bible ("Storage Card" may be SD or CF card depending on your device).  Copy the Bible-ASV.pdb file and paste it into the Bible folder you created on your phone.  To open the BibleReader, select it from your phone's application screen. 

the ASV - American Standard Version for Smartphone free for your smartphone

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Mon7Jul at 12:04 pm
jupeth ramonito quisquirin wrote...
its for free?



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