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» AttachSmart Classic (free) 0.0.10

Summary: The simplest way to send documents (e.g. photos, recordings) as mail attachments, directly from your Smartphone. By the creators of PocketTV.

Arrived: 2004-01-19
Found under: Business, Utilities, other

» AttachSmart Classic (free) 0.0.10 Description

Enterprise or professional users: You are not allowed to use AttachSmart Classic except for evaluation only. You should purchase AttachSmart Enterprise Edition.

AttachSmart Classic is for personal use only.

Now it has never been easier to send photos, ring-tones and other documents to your friends - directly from your Smartphone!

AttachSmart is the simplest way to email documents as attachments. You can also use it to view/check the documents (it will start the appropriate viewer based on the document type), and do simple file management.

  • View documents (to check contents) before you send them
  • Send documents as e-mail attachment
  • Save documents received in e-mail attachments
  • Rename or delete documents or folders, in phone or SD card
  • Remembers names and/or locations for different types of documents
  • Send AttachSmart to your Smartphone-enabled friends
  • By the creators of PocketTV

Once installed, look for AttachSmart under Accessories.

Official Website:

PS: There is no AttachSmart forum yet. If you have comments or questions about AttachSmart, please post them on the MoDaCo forum.
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the AttachSmart Classic (free) 0.0.10 free for your smartphone

Made by: MpegTV LLC

» Comments

Fri18Jul at 11:14 pm
kevin wrote...
Tue19Jun at 8:48 pm
Zehra wrote...
At least the Foleo was supposed to have a full-sized kaeboyrd. According to Kevin Tofal on jkOnTheRun, the kaeboyrd on the Redfly is about the same as the Eee PC's. To produce a device whose sole raison d'etre is to provide a bigger screen and kaeboyrd for a smartphone, and yet give it an undersized kaeboyrd, is frankly ridiculous.



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