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» AutoFlight V2.1.2 Unregistered

Summary: It is impossible to auto turn on power by program. The best solution is auto turn on/off phone, that is flight mode, by Autoflight. It also can chime o'clock and speak time.

Arrived: 2005-01-31
Found under: autoflight, v212, unregistered

» AutoFlight V2.1.2 Unregistered Description

Many users of Smartphone have been looking for a software which could auto turn on power. The result was very disappointed because it is impossible for Smartphone to auto turn on power programmatically. It is not supported by hardware. There is a best substitute, that is Autoflight! You can replace power on/off with flight mode switched automatically by Autoflight when you sleep or any other case such as going to theater, lesson, airline, and so on . And more, you can take advantage of alarm function of Smartphone with flight mode because of power continuing. Autoflight is a resident program. It also can chime o'clock and speaking time functions to take advantage of resident program.
Content & Features:
1. Automatically turn on/off the Flight Mode at scheduled time. (to registered user)Support unlock PIN code if you have enabled SIM lock in system.
2. Automatically turn off your smartphone at scheduled time.
3. Automatically turn on/off the Silent Mode at scheduled time.
4. Schedule time can be set to any day or days weekly.
5. Scheduled time from calendar.(to registered user)
6. Announce o'clock time with English/Chinese voice.
7. Speaking time instantly by pressing hot keys.(to registered user)
8. Automatically startup with Smartphone boot even it installed in storage card.
9. Interface Language: English/Chinese.

New Feature:
1. Support unlock PIN code if you have enabled SIM lock in system.
2. Schedule time can be set to any day or days weekly.

1. The method of automatic operating have been changed. It is not virtual striking key any more.
2. The menu system and option's setup have been changed to operate more easily.

1.Speaking Time(to registered version): At any time, any case, include key locked or device locked, Autoflight can speak time by pressing "*" and "#" hotkey sequentially.
2.Dialy Tasks Setting:(see animating picture)
3.Scheduled time from calendar(to registered version): Insert a string listed as below to "Notes" editor box of Calendar program. AutoFlight can automatically check the calendar database at every o'clock, or after Task4 be completed. You also can select "Read Calendar" menu item to ask AutoFlight to check calendar database and refresh Task4 at once.

Task Mode


Flight Mode #f#
Silent Mode #s#
Power off #p#
4. Buy registered version

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the AutoFlight V2.1.2 Unregistered free for your smartphone

» Comments

Tue13Oct at 1:00 pm
jaloliddin wrote...
hi. i need pin cod for auto flight. please send me him.



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