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» Avot mV v1.5 for Smartphone

Summary: Avot mV is an application for Windows Mobile devices for searching videos from the Internet sites (YouTube, Dailymotion, Google and many more) and playing them....

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2008-01-25
Found under: video, youtube, flash, search

» Avot mV v1.5 for Smartphone Description

Avot mV is an application for Windows Mobile devices for searching videos from the Internet sites (YouTube, Dailymotion, Google and many more) and playing them.

the Avot mV v1.5 for Smartphone free for your smartphone

» Comments

Sat2Feb at 7:30 am
Lillian wrote...
it seems preety cool....however it keeps freezing....and sometimes al it does is buffer.....the sound plays before the video
Tue5Feb at 11:47 am
Dean wrote...
I only got to play one video then it would load up anymore. I uninstalled and reinstalled which did not work. It is very cool i just wish it would work on mine. Maybe if i am doing something wrong please let me know.
Wed6Feb at 9:18 am
Hauke wrote...
Search for vTap - it's way better.
Mon18Feb at 1:24 pm
wajhul shaikh wrote...
there is no option for sending data via bluetooth. please make it easy for Me. I want to transfer my data via bluetooth with other phone like nokia.
Mon24Mar at 10:20 pm
nick wrote...
Tue6May at 6:30 pm
aaron j wrote...
yeah i agree with hauke vtap is pretty smooth for the most part
Thu22May at 4:16 am
Joel Eric wrote...
I will see if it's good...?!
Thu26Jun at 11:27 pm
Hans Peter Schmitt wrote...
Sun13Jul at 5:53 am
stanley g wrote...
Sun10Aug at 10:41 am
Maya wrote...
it's a little confusing
Tue7Oct at 1:53 pm
michael wrote...
we'll see if it works
Sun12Oct at 2:33 pm
Raiford D. Clemons wrote...
Law Enforcement
Sun1Mar at 11:14 am
Ryan wrote...
Whenever I try to download it, the screen says DNS error. Whats wrong?
Sun19Jul at 9:57 am
Paulla wrote...
great stuff
Fri24Jul at 2:46 pm
dages wrote...
Wed9Sep at 8:43 am
zalan wrote...
Thu12Nov at 9:37 am
charles3456 wrote...
Tue10Aug at 9:44 pm
taytay wrote...
Wed6Oct at 3:44 pm
mrhml wrote...
help me for download
Wed10Aug at 2:03 pm
Abdurrahman wrote...
Very good
Wed10Aug at 2:04 pm
Abdurrahman wrote...
Very good
Mon22Aug at 5:46 pm
Nelsin wrote...
Produts Otimos.
Tue6Sep at 3:14 pm
allan wrote...
Fri24Feb at 2:05 am
Joe Blues wrote...
Wed25Jul at 2:34 am
Saring wrote...
I'm looking for a way to ehetir use built in voice dialing feature in my Palm Treo 680, or else find out what I can do get get voice dialing for my phone.Thank you,Steven Miles
Thu30Aug at 4:06 am
Hikaru wrote...
Thank you Malak. And I would like to take that opportunity to ask you if you wish to ask or read about any issue that is not avllaabie on our site, just ask and I shall reply as soon as possible and I shall also publish as a post.
Sun28Oct at 3:44 pm
Monika wrote...
wow i cant believe it acllauty works. when i saw this i immediately went on the website and before the video was over i was watching midgets fight on jerry springer lolbtw just type it into your phone browser go to Avotmv . com and you download it right onto your phone its very easy



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