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» BibleReader for Smartphone from Olive Tree Bible Software

Summary: Read and search the Bible on your Smartphone!

Arrived: 2005-01-11
Found under: biblereader, smartphone, from, olive, tree, bible, software

» BibleReader for Smartphone from Olive Tree Bible Software Description

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The Smartphone BibleReader from Olive Tree Bible Software.

FEATURES: The BibleReader includes the following:

  • Verse Chooser - quick tap allows easy verse navigation.
  • Search for words or phrases, excellent options.
  • Personal Notes can be added to specific verses for future reference.
  • Bookmarks - mark verses and arrange topically or alphabetically.
  • Split Screens - display up to two versions of the Bible simultaneously.
  • Verse Locking - compare the same verse in different texts simultaneously.
  • Advanced  configuration  - choose what to display in split screen windows, scrolling options
  • User-friendly layout
  • Customizable!  Select the font, color, and background you like. 
  • Free application updates
  • Free email support

Over 80 Bible versions and study tools are available from Olive Tree Bible Software.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Download the zip file to the Desktop of your computer.  Open the zip file and extract BibleReader_SmartPhone.exe to your desktop.  Open Microsoft ActiveSync and click on Explore.  Then click on My Smartphone.  Copy and Paste the BibleReader_SmartPhone.exe file into the \IPSM\Windows\Start Menu folder. 

the BibleReader for Smartphone from Olive Tree Bible Software free for your smartphone

» Comments

Wed3Jan at 9:17 pm
quvan wrote...
Thu4Jan at 8:19 am
musallam wrote...
marvelous work
Tue15May at 9:32 am
Nadia wrote...
Very insightful and a blessing
Thu7Jun at 5:34 am
Miguel wrote...
I followed all the instructions twice, but can not get it to work for my Moto Q. The program does come up but when I go to choose a Bible the field is empty. I have different keys to get it to advance to other choices without results. Any ideas? Thanks.
Sun15Jul at 8:26 am
aran wrote...
Sun29Jul at 3:57 am
mai xuan thien wrote...
thanks a lot!
Thu2Aug at 5:51 pm
Will wrote...
yea Miguel same thing happened to me. not a fan of this. no bibles.
Wed17Oct at 2:23 am
Orthodox wrote...
Same thing as Miguel on my BlackJack...any ideas anyone?
Mon5Nov at 7:39 pm
leonard wrote...
go to olive tree site ( and you can download the software and som versions of bible for free.
Fri9Nov at 5:06 am
paul Redelinghuys wrote...
Sun18Nov at 6:56 am
joshua wrote...
Mon26Nov at 11:07 pm
Robert wrote...
I'll try it!
Wed9Jan at 4:41 pm
ALLAN wrote...
Wed16Jan at 4:28 pm wrote...
deso la biblia para htc touch como hago
Sun17Feb at 10:24 am
sandy wrote...
PRAISE DA LORD my dear pals,can any1 guide me hw 2 get BIBLE in our pda' mobile is O2 XDA EXEC plz i need bible carryin me al da tym.....plz do help me any1.....TakeCare bubye....
Wed20Feb at 9:33 pm
Kevo wrote...
Dwn/ld easy Great software fo free. Thank you
Mon17Mar at 2:36 pm
larry hawk wrote...
great site
Thu27Mar at 5:15 pm
rick hunter wrote...
Yes, awesome, i used this program for my palm in the past, glad it works with the blackjack 2
Sat3May at 12:29 pm
ramesh wrote...
god bless you
Tue13May at 4:22 pm
Guilherme Chaves wrote...
Ola amados irmãos,por favor me ajude,instalei o aplicativo,mais agora como faço para colocar a biblia,a biblia é gratis?
Sat17May at 3:28 am
Malc wrote...
Sat12Jul at 1:24 am
dimpa wrote...
Tue15Jul at 11:10 am
Ronny wrote...
This is only a bible reader program. You have to go to the Olive Tree Bible site to down down different Bibles.
Thu14Aug at 11:53 pm
liz c wrote...
Tue23Sep at 2:20 pm
Trevon Dawson wrote...
Great Site
Fri3Oct at 5:51 pm
nene fondo wrote...
hi, its actually the fouth time has happen to me,just seen a brotha who has the same issue,lve got a motorola Q,l simple can't see bible itself...l tried opening its there another way to do?
Thu30Oct at 7:18 am
karl kamrud wrote...
thank you
Thu4Dec at 6:33 pm
shell wrote...
bible useful tool
Tue9Dec at 6:07 pm
Ms Jil wrote...
Hello everyone. I've recently purchased the new Samsung Behold. I am frantically searching for a NLT version of the Bible to install onto my phone. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to offer? Any information would be helpful. Thank you!
Sun22Feb at 6:39 pm
Swan wrote...
You probably have to download the bibles separately, and I want the KJV but I don't want to pay 5$ for it. There are other bibles on Olive's website are free.
Sun19Apr at 11:00 am
clement wrote...
i really want to get a bible on my wm phone
Tue4Aug at 4:50 am
fredy wrote...
when iam trying to download to my samsung i600 it says that this file cannot be viewed on this phone.Hope would help please.if successful in would be really greatt.thanks and bye
Mon17Aug at 7:44 am
BLESSINGS wrote...
BIBLE free download
Wed13Jan at 11:56 am
john j wrote...
it's great 'cause very easy to read the bible everywhere.
Thu18Mar at 3:10 pm
Job12 wrote...
I got the same problem as Fredy.. can someone give some help??
Sat27Nov at 8:55 am
eddie wrote...
i have got a samsung i600 n the bible is not workin plz help
Mon28Mar at 7:33 pm
Allan T wrote...
HHave tried to download onto HTC Snap but cannot find actual bibles. Please help me.
Thu22Sep at 1:01 pm
Enock wrote...
hello I have downloaded the program but it is not working no option on choosing the bible on the menu.
Sat10Dec at 4:20 pm
linda hayes wrote...
I have not looked through it yet.
Fri10Feb at 3:11 pm
banjo taiwo wrote...
i love it.
Tue21Feb at 6:26 pm
HisNumOneLady wrote...
I have the boost innuendo an am tryin to down load the kjv of the bible an the nlt any suggestions
Fri23Mar at 1:26 pm
john praise wrote...
I love it
Fri23Mar at 1:38 pm
john praise wrote...
I love it
Sun15Jul at 11:09 pm
almanunez wrote...
Dios bendiga a todos!! Y alos ke estamos tratando de descargar esta bendición nos demos por bensidos de alguna manera lo lograremos.
Sun26Aug at 6:38 am
Kaleigh wrote...
This is the pefrect way to break down this information.
Fri31Aug at 10:07 pm
Hirohisa wrote...
I totally agree with this Andrew and I are so pniasosate about people having bibles we resently purchased a heap of NIV Study Bibles and made sure everyone in our church who did not have a bible in their homes had one. This has bought a new sense of the word in our church and you would be shocked by who doesn't have one in their home. We also gave bibles to people in our community that we had been building a realtionship with and to see their faces when they recieve such a gift is amazing. This act has opened up many conversations because people are going home from church reading their bibles and asking question it is fantastic. Thank you for your thoughts Commissioner I pray we would be a people of Gods word dedicating our lifes to His will and not being ashamed but yet still being senstive to impact the world. I believe that God is raising up this passion with in the Salvation Army and I am excited and privalaged to be part of it. Much love to You Di



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