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» Bluetooth Remote Control

Summary: Control remotely from your mobile phone your desktop mouse, Winamp, iTunes, the Windows Media Player, PowerPoint, PowerDVD and the Vista's Media Center.

Windows mobile Smartphon 2003/2005/ 6

Arrived: 2008-01-06
Found under: bluetooth, remote, control, audio, video

» Bluetooth Remote Control Description

With this software, you will be able to control remotely your desktop mouse, and applications like Winamp, iTunes, the Windows Mixer, the Windows Media Player, PowerPoint, Media Player Classic, PowerDVD and the Vista's Media Center. You'll also be able to pause your favorite music software when the phone rings, then play it back when you hang up.

The Mobile Client is installed automaticaly via ActiveSync. Also note that your Windows Mobile Device will ask you twice on the first start about software modules that are not known, just answer yes. (This is for the main executable and a satellite native DLL)

for more info try the developer web site

the Bluetooth Remote Control free for your smartphone

» Comments

Sat12Jan at 8:29 am
Shreyank wrote...
Fri18Jan at 9:55 am
kadé wrote...
Fri18Jan at 9:57 am
kadé wrote...
Mon21Jan at 2:08 pm
Ayub Qureshi wrote...
My mobile name Nokia N95. I wand software Window and Google Messengar Download plz help me... Thenk you.
Thu24Jan at 8:49 am
Siva wrote...
I have Samsung Black jack II with WM 6 and Dell inspiron 6000 with bluetooth. It finds the laptop on search but if try to connect it is not connecting any idea. Note: in the laptop UI remote control server UI status is still bluetooth not available. Any help would be appreciated
Thu24Jan at 11:09 pm
drax wrote...
dere z no installation some one plz tell me how intall dis bluetooth remote control on my phone which is a n73.
Sat26Jan at 6:07 pm
fonikas wrote...
very good
Sat9Feb at 12:50 am
khalid mowad wrote...
Good One
Mon28Apr at 7:07 am
Wilfred wrote...
Thu29May at 11:47 am
olivier wrote...
ive installed it on my hp ipaq 6515, but it says its not a valid windows ce setup file (wm 2003 se) could u help me with this?
Fri20Jun at 8:58 am
Md Saleem wrote...
Fri20Jun at 11:35 am
Md Saleem wrote...
Sat21Jun at 8:49 am
Md Saleem wrote...
Sun20Jul at 12:33 pm
jitz wrote...
That´s very good
Sat26Jul at 10:11 am
Charles wrote...
very good .. ;)
Wed24Sep at 11:53 am
arnie wrote...
will it work on verizon htc touch white???
Sun25Jan at 8:27 am
Morkus wrote...
Great!! HTC S710, Was looking for this kind of program for a long time. Thank you.
Fri17Jul at 11:28 pm
outie555 wrote...
Very good and simple to use. works fine on my WM6 HTC Touch. I use it as a bluetooth powerpoint clicker.
Sat5Sep at 5:57 pm
Arsen wrote...
Mon14Sep at 9:21 pm
khawar wrote...
very good
Mon22Mar at 1:31 pm
ganesh wrote...
really fear
Wed7Jul at 10:57 pm
Sandman wrote...
this is BS. it ain't free. the mobile client is paid.
Thu19Jan at 1:44 pm
Xantara wrote...
There's a srecet about your post. ICTYBTIHTKY



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