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» Calc 2.0

Summary: Simple calculator or advanced. Now you can have both in one application. Includes Scientific, trigonomic, and basic functions all in an easy to use interface.

Arrived: 2005-04-20
Found under: Calculators, Utilities

» Calc 2.0 Description

This calculator has two modes a simple and advanced mode. The choice is yours, and you can switch between the two modes easily. In Simple mode it has the just the 4 basic math functions, using the navigation key to select the function. In advanced mode, the navigation key switches between different input modes. The first mode is the numeric mode where the keys enter the corresponding numbers. The next mode is scientific, which is used for the basic math functions and scientific functions. The third mode is trigonomic mode where you can access the trigonomic functions. This new version is vastly improved from the previous. Please enter some reviews or let me know what you like and don't like about it. Let me know of any bugs also, as there is no one else testing it for me. Best of all, it is still free.

the Calc 2.0 free for your smartphone

Made by: Eric Johnson

» Comments

Mon30Apr at 5:49 pm
Sheri wrote...
Didn't work on my Moto Q
Fri9Nov at 2:14 am
Serge wrote...
It installs, but doesn't take numeric input: i.e. worthless.
Tue22Apr at 9:05 pm
christ wrote...
I've been using version of this calc on my Moto Q for some time. It works great. It does default to leaving the keyboard in alpha mode so I have to change it to numerical input each time. But, otherwise, it is easiest calculator I've used on a phone.
Fri2May at 12:26 am
The Amigo wrote...
download link doesn't work from my shadow. "this file can't be viewed on your device"
Tue23Jun at 12:55 am
Moppie wrote...
Cool Calc! Works really well on my HTC S620 (dopod C720), running WM6.1
Wed22Jul at 2:57 pm
Mark Siebert wrote...
the link only downloads a text file telling you to go to The link doesn't work. =FAIL



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