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» Call Timer Reset

Summary: With this great utility you can resets all your Call Timers and start a fresh counting....

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2007-03-07
Found under: utilities, call, timer, counter

» Call Timer Reset Description

With this great utility you can resets all your Call Timers and start a fresh counting.

the Call Timer Reset free for your smartphone

» Comments

Wed5Sep at 12:12 pm
Lordsewen wrote...
Fri2Nov at 2:51 pm
Mike wrote...
Does this also reset the number of calls displayed along with the timers on WM6 Professional ?? I'd like to know if its compatible anyway before I try it.
Fri9Nov at 1:16 am
GLOpro wrote...
Yes, i would also like to know if it will reset the 'All Calls' timer on WM6 Pro. Thanks
Tue11Mar at 9:57 pm
shawn wrote...
Anyone want to fix the link?
Sun26Oct at 12:51 pm
Pavel wrote...
Be careful! It resets all call timers and number of calls right away after the launch, it doesn't ask your permission. It works with this registry folder: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\shell\cumulativecalltimers\
Sat27Dec at 11:22 am
guido wrote...
Hi I have tarted this small application on my HTC Diamond, and I can't see the screen above. What am I doing wrong. Is ther somewhere an entry i must looked to. And bytheway is there something I need to uninstall if I don't want to use your toll anymore
Sun7Mar at 1:23 am
HTC HD2 Leo wrote...
it set timers on zeros after executing, but after restart call timers are restoring :(
Sat22May at 7:51 am
Kitty Lum wrote...
I just got my HD2 a week ago, there is no call timer record like one that I had with HTC Cruise. Can anyone advise me if this freewares is effective with HD2. I am not sure of downloading process, can i download it to my laptop then sync to my HD2 etc. and how do i go about it? thanks in advance.
Tue12Apr at 1:36 am
pawan wrote...
plz help me.



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