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» CellMapper

Summary: CellMapper is a program used to map the extent of your network providers coverage and cell phone tower locations. This information helps others determine if they should use the same provider or not. It is able to run both with an without a data plan.

Windows Mobile 6.x Standard Edition, .NET CF 2.0, GPS

Arrived: 2010-12-14
Found under: Utilities, network mapping, mapping, tower, cell site, signal, coverage, map

» CellMapper Description

CellMapper is a Windows Mobile 6.x application (standard edition compatible) which is used to help map the extent of cell phone towers coverage. The program records the location, using built-in GPS, and the cell phone tower signal and information at that location. It is able to both upload the information directly to the database or generate a CSV file in order to be uploaded later (for those that do not have a data plan). Once the data is submitted, it will be instantly mapped and displayed on the website. CellMapper works on any network and network type.

the CellMapper free for your smartphone

Made by: CellMapper

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Sat6Nov at 3:46 pm
majid wrote...
Mon6Dec at 6:26 am
srinivas wrote...
Mon13Dec at 11:19 pm
matthw mummel wrote...
Dpnr know
Wed12Jan at 5:31 am
gamal wrote...
Fri1Jul at 12:13 am
ed rubio wrote...
boar mc
Sun7Aug at 9:33 pm
adam wrote...
ingin mencoba
Tue25Oct at 8:14 pm
prashant wrote...
ok nice apps
Tue17Jan at 2:57 pm
Matee wrote...
God help me, I put aside a whole atefnroon to figure this out.
Tue17Jan at 2:57 pm
Matee wrote...
God help me, I put aside a whole atefnroon to figure this out.
Thu19Jan at 4:12 pm
Molly wrote...
Just cause it's simple doesn't mean it's not super hlefupl.
Mon22Oct at 1:08 pm
najaf wrote...
Mon22Oct at 1:10 pm
najaf wrote...



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