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» ceTwit v1.4

Summary: ceTwit is a windows mobile twitter client written in c# leveraging the .net compact framework.

Windows Mobile Smartphone 5 / 6

Arrived: 2008-06-02
Found under: twitter, message, chat, micro, blog

» ceTwit v1.4 Description

ceTwit is a windows mobile twitter client written in c# leveraging the .net compact framework.

NEW - Twitpic is an excellent service that allows you to upload a picture and cross posts it to twitter.

To update Twitpic:
  1. Select Update from the right soft key
  2. Type a short message, Shorter than twitter.
  3. Select menu/attach pic
  4. Find a jpg file and attach it
  5. Upload

Current Feature Set:
  • Timeline display
  • Account storage
  • Status Updates
  • Direct Messages
  • Click to reply
  • Automated Refresh
  • Smartphone support
  • Avatars in timeline (pro)
  • Local caching of avatars (pro)
  • Squeezer support
  • Relative Timestamps
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Speed Pagination (pro)

the ceTwit v1.4 free for your smartphone

» Comments

Fri6Jun at 11:50 pm
Tenku wrote...
Sun25Mar at 2:27 am
Melind wrote...
I just struggled with seittng up ActiveSync over Bluetooth with my T-Mobile Dash. I had an issue with getting the ActiveSync service to show up on my Dash. I'd pair the devices but when going to sync up it'd say something like there is no PC running ActiveSync . Anyway, I reinstalled ActiveSync AFTER seittng up all of my Bluetooth drivers and such on my PC. Then when I re-paired the devices it actually gave me the ActiveSync service on the Dash. Hopefully that helps someone out there!
Sat29Sep at 6:11 am
Elvin wrote...
Oh, finally, a rlaeist. I sick of all the blogs and forums crying about how the evo 3D can't be rooted because of the locked bootloader. Get a life, people, how many phones have been rooted? How many phones ship with unlocked bootloader?Thank you for an optimistic (and rlaeistic) outlook. I'll be eagerly awaiting news of a root method. And I'm dying to see a custom ROM, sense is killing me.



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