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» CTLottoPickSP 1.0.0

Summary: Lotto Quick Pick tool.

Arrived: 2005-03-22
Found under: Fun, Board, Other

» CTLottoPickSP 1.0.0 Description

Having problems selecting 6 numbers for your winning lottery ticket? Well, this little application will help you to pick 6 lucky numbers!

This program does not include an install procedure. Just unzip the file and copy the exe to your SmartPhone.

the CTLottoPickSP 1.0.0 free for your smartphone

Made by: Tweaks2K2

» Comments

Sun7Feb at 10:45 pm
Jodie Meeks wrote...
thank u!
Thu23Feb at 1:34 pm
Chantale wrote...
We're a group of vruentelos and starting a new scheme in our community. Your website offered us with valuable information to work on. You've done a formidable job and our entire community will be thankful to you.
Fri23Mar at 9:01 am
Celiwe wrote...
Look, Surur: You are an avid fanboy who likes to ulisnt people anonymously. I get it. Ok? Again you are entitled to your opinion. But, here are the facts: Microsoft has removed consumer features such as media playlists with each succeeding version. They decided to make a custom device (the Zune) for a media player instead of using a custom version of a Windows Mobile platform. Each generation's enhancements are mobile operator or enterprise focused. They bought Danger which produces a non-Windows Mobile based popular consumer focused phone (the Sidekick). Finally, every time I go to Redmond to visit with the Windows Mobile team, I come back with the message that the focus is the mobile operator and the enterprise. What do they tell you when you visit with the team? Something different?
Tue28Aug at 10:55 pm
Ayam wrote...
mmmm are you sure you're qualified to ope your mouth in a buesnsis you have no clue about?Nexus One has bee out for what? two months or so I don't see the iPhone slowing down have you check the Market share %?I'll give you a Hint, Microsoft Windows Mobile has an 11% market share and that's above Google! ok ok, I won't be a tease, number 1 is RIM with about 41%, and Apple second with 25~% I hate ignorant people!
Fri31Aug at 10:16 pm
Vignesh wrote...
Open source doesn't refer to whheter the software itself is free or not. It just means that the source code for the program has to be made available to the public. Most open source software is free, but there is nothing stopping them from charging for it if they want.Freeware is, as the name implies, free software. It could be open source, but doesn't have to be open source.



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