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» EdgeWay Pocket Plus

Summary: EdgeWay Pocket Plus is a collection of useful features for your Smartphone

Windows Mobile Smartphone 5 , 6 , 6.1

Arrived: 2008-09-17
Found under: utilities, system, memory, battery, unit, timer

» EdgeWay Pocket Plus Description

EdgeWay Pocket Plus is a collection of useful features for your Smartphone:

Reboot, screen off, memory stats, countdown timers, unit converter, stopwatch quick access to useful Windows Mobile features calculator, call history, voicemail, calendar, messaging, quick list and WM settings. You Tube, Google mobile, Ebay mobile, weather and downloads right to your device.

the EdgeWay Pocket Plus free for your smartphone

» Comments

Wed17Sep at 11:43 am
sarfraz wrote...
its good
Wed17Sep at 2:52 pm
John Galea wrote...
I don't see battery stats, I think that's a typo. At least not on my Cingular 3125 WinMo 6.1 phone. Other than that it's fine. The timers and stopwatch are handy.
Wed17Sep at 8:06 pm
James Gerber wrote...
Does not work at all on a Motorola Q
Thu18Sep at 7:55 pm
rich wrote...
yes the screen shot and desc are wrong that is for pocket pc you can see correct screen shot and desc at
Sun21Sep at 12:03 pm
mahdy wrote...
very good . tanks
Wed1Oct at 5:06 pm
Brandon wrote...
yeah... its a good idea for a progtam.. but the graphics are juvenile at best. i just uninstalled after trying to give it a chance.
Tue7Oct at 11:35 am
sherif wrote...
Thu9Oct at 10:58 am
sbeard wrote...
Thu16Oct at 7:02 pm
doug cooney wrote...
Sun30Nov at 11:34 pm
degetul wrote...
just fine
Wed13May at 3:59 am
josh murray wrote...
its straight I like it
Wed29Aug at 4:23 pm
Gabriel wrote...
I do think that the iPhone/iTouch redefined touch. With Windows CE, touch meant a stuyls touching the screen, with the iPhone it is a finger and that is a big difference. Yes, one can use their finger on Windows Mobile devices, and I do, but the iPhone is designed for that purpose, Win Mo isn't.



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