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» eTrack 3.0

Summary: Track your daily expenses, manage your accounts and export transactions using this Pocket PC 2003 based application with SQL CE for data storage.

Arrived: 2004-10-27
Found under: Expense, Organizers, Personal Finance

» eTrack 3.0 Description

- Expenses based on the concept of Accounts and Categories

- Accounts and Categories editable and fully customizable

- Accounts configurable with a predefined balance

- Expense allows input of transactions of following types:

- Predefined account to another predefine account

- A user defined account to a predefined account

- A predefined account to a user defined account

- A user defined account to another user defined account

- Transaction reports based on dates, categories and account

- Reports exportable in CSV and text format

- Automatic display of Soft Keypad for editable fields wherever applicable

- Easy numeric keypad

the eTrack 3.0 free for your smartphone

Made by: MAQ Software

» Comments

Fri22Jun at 9:44 am
krullK wrote...
oh.. it's good
Mon2Jul at 12:21 pm
scott Ludwig wrote...
no opinion
Sun5Aug at 1:42 am
karen wrote...
Tue1Apr at 11:52 pm
nephtali Mendoza wrote...
Thu31Jul at 9:33 am
milo wrote...
Fri23Mar at 10:14 am
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