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» Fizz Traveller 2.12 for Smartphone Home Screen Plugin for InHand

Summary: Maximise the potential of Fizz Traveller 2.12 InHand version with this free homescreen plugin. See the weather on your phones Home Screen.

Arrived: 2005-07-13
Found under: fizz, traveller, 212, smartphone, home, screen, plugin, inhand

» Fizz Traveller 2.12 for Smartphone Home Screen Plugin for InHand Description

Mobile Device Home Screen
For users with a Windows Mobile 2003 device - see your 6 favourite cities time and weather forecasts on your home screen.

the Fizz Traveller 2.12 for Smartphone Home Screen Plugin for InHand free for your smartphone

» Comments

Tue2Jan at 8:40 am
Chris Coles wrote...
Sun8Apr at 4:31 am
duran wrote...
Tue29May at 5:10 pm
Karla Culpepper wrote...
Thu14Jun at 5:44 am
what wrote...
Sat16Jun at 6:25 am
dinhhair wrote...
I have no Ideaa
Fri22Jun at 1:43 am
fotis wrote...
very nice
Thu28Jun at 5:28 am
Robert wrote...
Tue7Aug at 7:22 am
Taiyoeb OH wrote...
thank you!
Tue14Aug at 5:39 am
sisa sisic wrote...
Sat18Aug at 9:11 am
alfa wrote...
Sun19Aug at 7:13 pm
xyxe wrote...
sdfaeg saf
Tue21Aug at 8:19 am
jeasmin wrote...
really Good!!
Fri7Sep at 5:57 am
enrique wrote...
Sun2Dec at 10:02 am
Michael Mouritzen wrote...
Mon7Jan at 7:04 am
Sergio wrote...
windows mobile 2003
Wed23Jan at 6:58 am
rbries wrote...
Wed5Mar at 8:02 pm
Budha Mangus wrote...
Let's see.
Thu13Mar at 6:37 pm
cyril wrote...
Fri4Jul at 8:01 am
mustafa wrote...
güzel bir site
Thu21Aug at 8:52 pm
Angie wrote...
never tried this before
Thu8Jan at 1:23 am
Craig wrote...
Very good software. Fizz Company rocks...keeps supplying us with leading edge applets. Thanks...keep up the very good work...
Mon19Sep at 12:12 pm
zeraf amor wrote...
thankyou allotof
Mon19Sep at 12:13 pm
zeraf amor wrote...
thankyou allotof



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