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» (Free!) dsCheckList 1.1

Summary: Get yourself organized with dsCheckList... Absolutely FREE !!!

Arrived: 2005-03-17
Found under: Project Tracking, Organizers, Schedules

» (Free!) dsCheckList 1.1 Description

dsCheckList helps you to manage your work effectively & efficiently.

This tool is designed to organize your "Things to do" Check List.

With dsCheckList you can add any number of Check List Items.

Each item can be marked as as checked when completed or kept Active for effectively tracking items individually.

Check List Item can be prioritized based on its level of importance as High / Normal / Low priority.

The priority of items in Check List is distinguished with specific colored icons.

Each Item can be modified or deleted with ease.

Check All & Uncheck All features saves your time abundantly.

The software helps you to organize myriad of things like travel planning, activities, to-dos, shopping, schedules, dues to pay, reminders... and the list is endless.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive interface
  • Maintain any number of check list items
  • Mark items as Done/Active
  • Prioritize check list items with High/Normal/Low levels.
  • Provision for Check All & Uncheck All.

the (Free!) dsCheckList 1.1 free for your smartphone

Made by: DreameeSoft

» Comments

Fri1Dec at 5:33 am
.david wrote...
This does exactly what the description says and works well. However why not have the facility to have multiple checklists? A good program if you don't need that functionality. Thanks.
Fri29Dec at 7:09 am
Joel wrote...
I agree, great program but multiple checklists would make it something I would use every day.
Sat28Jul at 1:45 am
luukonline wrote...
okvery good
Tue21Aug at 10:42 am
rara wolf wrote...
Sun28Sep at 4:43 pm
Able wrote...
Thu6May at 6:09 pm
Artie Sterling wrote...
trying to dwnload but wont open
Wed14Dec at 3:25 am
Kaeden wrote...
The voice of raitonialty! Good to hear from you.
Wed14Dec at 1:22 pm
Satchel wrote...
That's a smart way of lkoiong at the world.



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