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» fring

Summary: free mobile voip - Talk & Chat for Free to Skype, ICQ, GTalk, MSN & fring contacts

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2008-10-29
Found under: fring, voip, chat, im, icq, msn, skype, gtalk

» fring Description

Updated to v3.36

Use your handset to talk and chat for free connect to Skype & ICQ & Google Talk & MSN contacts from anywhere.

Talk and chat for free with fring mobile voip,

connect to Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Twitter & SIP contacts from anywhere.

fring is a revolutionary mobile application that allows you to talk and chat via your handset�s Internet connection (GPRS, 3G or Wi-Fi) to other fring users and PC-based VoIP applications such as Skype, ICQ, Google Talk, MSN Messenger & SIP, leveraging your 3G data-plan or Wi-Fi hot-spot connection instead of costly airtime minutes. fring is also enhanced with real-time contact availability (presence) so you can see who is avaiable before dialing. "fring"

Why use fring?

* gain true mobility with your Skype, ICQ, MSN, Google Talk & Twitter contacts on your mobile you'll stay connected wherever you go
* save money! using mVoIP for local or international calls, rather than costly airtime minutes, and free chat rather than SMS
* presence status for all of your contacts and know who's online before dialing!
* Save on calls to landlines and regular cellular contacts Use your SkypeOut minutes or SIP to call PSTN or GSM/CDMA destinations. You may choose whichever SIP service you like, including the GizmoProject, VoipCheap, VoipStunt, Free World DialUp and others, and even use SIP on fring with otherwise non-SIP enabled devices.
* pay us nothing! you will NOT receive an invoice from us!

Leveraging the power and freedom of the Internet from your phone, fring empowers users to communicate without operator, network or physical boundaries.

the fring free for your smartphone

» Comments

Fri19Oct at 10:02 am
Sarita wrote...
i lost the code to my getting start cd for my htc 310 and i would like 2 knw where i can find it on the net plz plz plz
Tue23Oct at 6:45 am
johannes wrote...
i want it
Mon29Oct at 9:02 am
patpat wrote...
dont know
Fri2Nov at 8:56 am
Jude wrote...
Thu22Nov at 11:58 am
mohamed wrote...
phone gratisse
Thu6Dec at 2:51 pm
alikor wrote...
it is a goo application
Thu6Dec at 2:51 pm
alikor wrote...
it is a goo application
Sun13Jan at 2:43 am
naresh wrote...
Mon18Feb at 10:17 am
mohini sharma wrote...
its good
Sun24Feb at 2:40 pm
rajeev wrote...
very good
Fri29Feb at 11:54 am
jaaon wrote...
i dont know
Fri4Apr at 11:57 pm
Jhimmy wrote...
WTF HAHA is this i dont know the last thing left about this.. lol the screen shot looks a little skitchie lol.
Wed9Apr at 7:02 am
joseph thomas wrote...
Thu1May at 7:25 pm
hamza wrote...
Fri23May at 6:14 am
festeris wrote...
Sun29Jun at 11:04 am
pankaj prasoon wrote...
Thu3Jul at 11:50 pm
Vipin Tom wrote...
its good for smartfones
Sat5Jul at 3:32 pm
chandra wrote...
Wed6Aug at 4:48 am
abdul r alimson wrote...
I think this is cool
Sun17Aug at 9:26 am
rosa wrote...
it s ok !
Sat6Sep at 11:59 pm
senio0or wrote...
i-mate pm10a
Thu2Oct at 6:04 am
jeroen Hagedoorn wrote...
very nice program and I hope it works well
Sat25Oct at 4:50 am
Babu wrote...
Make freind
Sat25Oct at 11:40 am
BILLY wrote...
mine is samsung i450,can i use it?is this fring will compatible with my smartphone..?
Thu13Nov at 3:11 pm
ebrahim wrote...
most of freeware dont work on my samsung sgh i600
Sun23Nov at 2:36 pm
Andyuk30 wrote...
Its a very good app.
Mon24Nov at 7:46 pm
avi vinu wrote...
if i can call using this then i will consider internet and mobile network has truly started to merge
Tue25Nov at 6:45 pm
emil wrote...
Mon1Dec at 12:56 pm
Wasi wrote...
It is great app if it is downloded.
Mon26Jan at 12:47 pm
J.Martins wrote...
Still with the same bug (ECHO), it dosenīt work on Imate Ultimate 9502. Itīs impossible to listem the other side of thre line, the ECHO,is too much.
Thu29Jan at 6:33 pm
hassnharb wrote...
It is great app if it is downloded.
Fri30Jan at 3:19 pm
Shimil wrote...
My phone is sony ericsson w810i can i use can i
Fri13Feb at 4:59 am
yahsanexp wrote...
finaly i download superbb
Sun22Feb at 10:00 am
vishnu wrote...
my mobile is samsung i450 can i use software if then how can?
Wed25Feb at 11:17 am
nesh wrote...
fabulous,it works well with my motorola Q
Sun19Apr at 1:52 pm
Ranjeeth wrote...
I heard fring through my friends .
Fri5Jun at 11:14 am
Jijo wrote...
Good Hi. My mobile is connected with wifi and i could browse through websites. But when i try connecting the Fring.. It identifies the wifi ID.. but, could not establish the connection. If i connect my mobile through my USB connector with Microsoft sync it works fine and i could make calls / Chat with Fring. Could you please help me how do i setup my Fring with wifi and not using USB Thanks Jijo
Tue7Jul at 6:24 pm
big money wrote...
i would like to receive free ringtones on my phone, but other than that i like it.
Fri7Aug at 1:51 pm
Jafer wrote...
Sat15Aug at 12:52 pm
baljit singh wrote...
i download fring free
Sun16Aug at 10:13 am
vasanth wrote...
Sun4Oct at 4:15 am
mahamood wrote...
Mon19Oct at 8:48 pm
alibinanwer wrote...
please send me the application its block here in uae if any 1 have send email thanks
Tue17Nov at 6:03 am
halilur rahman wrote...
I am living in dubai how can I download fring software this site is bocked here I have used right now windows mobile can send it any soft ware for me
Thu19Nov at 4:07 am
sandeep wrote...
voip is illegeal. so dont use this.
Tue24Nov at 3:23 am
RAKESH wrote...
Tue8Dec at 11:45 am
Abdu wrote...
Fring is good
Tue15Dec at 5:02 pm
Antonio wrote...
Thu24Dec at 3:21 pm
noniwww wrote...
Sat16Jan at 12:06 am
Mohan Kumar J Yadav wrote...
Hey, My phone is HTC Touch P3450.but letter Recognizer characters, it dosent work on fringe software...but earlier its worked..!
Mon18Jan at 2:35 pm
prabhat wrote...
its great to use
Wed24Feb at 1:30 am
azad ps wrote...
Hey, My phone is HTC s740 .but it dosent work on fringe software...but earlier as possible
Thu23Sep at 4:40 am
sanpra wrote...
how to download fring for windows mob?
Sat9Oct at 3:15 am
Umakant wrote...
I a m tried from long time to Downlod the Fring App. one time i dowlod but which Wi-Fi network we need that we are not getting after downloading fring how can we connect the perticular name of Wi-Fi.
Thu20Jan at 3:29 pm
ahmad wrote...
To love
Thu17Mar at 5:09 am
vysakhsd wrote...
Wed11May at 1:34 pm
tahir wrote...
Sat14May at 1:23 pm
salamwazir wrote...
Thu26May at 9:16 am
yogendra wrote...
Fri15Jul at 11:25 am
imran02404 wrote...
Thu25Aug at 12:19 am
sajid wrote...
Sun26Feb at 3:53 am
sibhani wrote...
Im using samsung SGH i600 and fring is not working on it. It is asking me about GUI. What to do now?



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