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» GPS Test

Summary: Free program to test the connection between your Smartphone or Pocket PC and your GPS unit.

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 2003
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
* A GPS device, either built in or Bluetooth.

Arrived: 2008-12-11
Found under: gps, test, utilities, connection

» GPS Test Description


Free program to test the connection between your Smartphone or Pocket PC and your GPS unit.

This is a free utility to test your GPS unit and is a technology demonstrator for the Chartcross GPS enabled software range.

Please download and use this application to test your mobile device / GPS combination, before buying any of our other GPS software.

It displays information obtained from you GPS unit in a clear and concise to use manner.


* Runs on both Smartphones and Pocket PCs.
* Screen scales to commonly used display formats.
* Satellite signal view.
* Satellite position view.
* GPS data view.
* Day and night modes.

the GPS Test free for your smartphone

Made by: chartcross

» Comments

Mon15Dec at 5:51 am
I_am_legend wrote...
Installed this on my lobster 700 (HTC Monet 100) smartphone. enabled my bluetooth to discovery on my phone. Switched on my bluetooth GPS device. The GPS Application runs but cannot pick up my bluetooth GPS device on any of the com ports it scans. I know my phone and GPS device settings are normal as other GPS software work perfectly. There is something wrong with this GPS test application, needs a referral back to the one made this program...
Mon29Dec at 3:36 pm
michael ax wrote...
I was skeptical at first but this works great. Before it would take my tomtom over 5 minutes to get a gps fix, sometimes even more, now once I load GPS Test it locks within 20 secs. and then I start tomtom. Great tool Thanks!
Wed8Apr at 5:58 am
georges wrote...
Great little software. I wanted to test thebuilt-in gps in my phoen without buying expensive software. This worked flawlessly.



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