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» Group SMS

Summary: Group SMS Solution to send short messages to multiple recipients

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2009-03-31
Found under: sms, group, chat, recipients

» Group SMS Description

Updated version 1.4.8

Group SMS Solution.
As the name suggest it is basically a program to send SMSes to a group of people at the same time.

As most Windows Mobile devices lack the functionality to send the same SMS to a group of contacts i decided to make this small application. It can be started from the Start menu or by the right menu in the messaging application.

The application reads the categories from the Pocket Outlook database. If you own a Smartphone, you have to create the categories in Outlook and sync them to your device.

Foll. are the features:
1. Category Wise Contact Pickup
2. Individual Contact Pickup made easy
3. works with WM5 and WM6.
4. Seems to be moderately paced as it is written using managed code but does the job well.
5. It is free.

the Group SMS free for your smartphone

Made by: Shailesh Ashar

» Comments

Sun12Apr at 1:51 pm
Anvar Yuldashev wrote...
it is very great that u make people's life so interesting and easy. Thanks a lot.
Mon13Apr at 12:40 pm
Domingo wrote...
Thanks, Shailesh. But how do I install this. I opened the folder but how do I set up?
Mon13Apr at 1:02 pm
Domingo wrote...
I downloaded directly in phone. Works well, but I don't see the "Add Group" when I click on "Menu"
Mon7Sep at 11:10 am
CRACKED wrote...
i want it so much
Wed2Dec at 12:46 pm
Rakesh wrote...
Wonderful product! And it is free. Thanks mate.
Fri8Jan at 10:10 am
mrbcross wrote...
Did not work on the Motorola Q9C. The application installed, but did not let me create groups as it states in the description.
Mon22Feb at 2:12 pm
Buddy wrote...
This is the first time I've done anything like this can you provide instructions?
Sun17Oct at 4:29 am
t-kay wrote...
it me first try it. thanks



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