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» Help 2 Speak

Summary: Take this free mobile conversation guide everywhere you go.

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2008-01-23
Found under: language, conversation, english, french, german, word, translate

» Help 2 Speak Description

Help 2 Speak is a free conversation guide to translations from and to English, French, German etc .

Through an intuitive user interface, take the basics of the conversation in a foreign language everywhere with you and speak in the most common situations.

help 2 speakhelp 2 speak

the Help 2 Speak free for your smartphone

» Comments

Thu24Jan at 3:52 pm
herbal wrote...
wow this is really cool, check it out
Sat9Feb at 2:17 pm
mourad wrote...
Wed13Feb at 10:42 pm
Nagounkondo wrote...
My Computer Science professor once told me "there's nothin' for free on the internet" but I must recognize that you guys really care about smartphone users. Simply thanks
Wed23Apr at 2:48 pm
Roman wrote...
How The HEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! do you download cab files on the blackjack
Sun27Apr at 8:56 pm
d pell wrote...
how the hell do you put the programs on your phone? i can but it just opens my internet and it show me some stuff like
Sun27Apr at 8:58 pm
d pell wrote...
thats a sample any help e mail me plz at
Mon5May at 9:44 pm
Milen(Bulgaria) wrote...
It's just great!Well I can't speak with my language but it's fine!If you can speak one of the 5 most known languages in Europe this program will help you to talk and the other 4 ;) Very nice!10x for this program :))))
Wed24Sep at 11:49 am
arnie wrote...
very nice this comes in handy in france
Tue16Dec at 1:01 pm
magueye wrote...
very useful
Mon19Oct at 7:42 pm
uriel sanchez wrote...
how can i get the files? the link takes me to a page that confuses me. please help.
Sat24Apr at 5:13 pm
Amro wrote...
very good



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