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» HTC Home plugin Smartphone

Summary: HTC HomePlug: Today screen plug-in (Displaying Time/messaging notifications/Launcher etc.), allowing quick changes of various options, such as weather, missed calls, sms/email notifications, time/alarm changing & program launcher.

Windows Mobile Standard
Smartphone 6

Arrived: 2008-03-08
Found under: HTC, today screen, home, weather, alarm, time, clock

» HTC Home plugin Smartphone Description

HTC Home Plugin: Today screen plug-in (Displaying Time/messaging notifications/Launcher etc.), allowing quick changes of various options, such as weather, missed calls, sms/email notifications, time/alarm changing & program launcher.

the HTC Home plugin Smartphone free for your smartphone

» Comments

Sat8Mar at 6:31 pm
Fernando wrote...
How can I get the programs launcher in it ?
Sat8Mar at 9:49 pm
andrew wrote...
When i install the cab file it says installation was unsuccessful. what can i do about that?
Sat8Mar at 9:57 pm
Moronobu wrote...
When i install the cab file it says installation was unsuccessful. I'M Use O2 Graphite WM5 , Please repair this file because i very like this home screen
Sun9Mar at 6:55 am
Benjamin wrote...
This is for VOX(htc s710) ONLY.
Sun9Mar at 11:24 am
Liuche wrote...
ok for Samsung i608 but a little bit slow!
Sun9Mar at 11:59 pm
Moronobu wrote...
Cool , its instaled in my WM6 O2 Graphite . if you have Asian O2 graphite & want upgrade to wm6 contact me at please use english / indonesian languge
Mon10Mar at 12:00 am
Sankar wrote...
Works superbly on my vox. Thanks! Wish it had the recently used applications list and easy profile change mechanism.
Mon10Mar at 2:57 am
Coach wrote...
this program is great with my htc mogul!!!
Mon10Mar at 11:19 am
Troy wrote...
can you load this app on a motorola q9h since it said oyu only had to have windows mobile six i know it's for htc but i was just wondering
Wed12Mar at 10:45 am
Markus wrote...
works great! got it on my Samsung SGH-i600 (WM6)
Wed12Mar at 12:01 pm
Mohammed wrote...
hey will this work on my Tmobile Wing? um i love this page and if it will how can i install it please let me know thank you
Fri14Mar at 5:21 pm
empex wrote...
Is there a version for 176X220 screen size? Or can someone make that?
Sun16Mar at 12:04 am
anand gangrade wrote...
hey wil this work on my orange spv grate and rich looking for this.
Sun16Mar at 12:05 am
anand gangrade wrote...
hey will this work on my orange spv grate and rich looking for this.
Thu20Mar at 2:14 am
barney wrote...
can somebody remake this theme for 176 x 220 display? please.... i need this theme for my iPAQ 512
Mon24Mar at 10:55 pm
taryn wrote...
works great...thanks
Tue25Mar at 9:53 am
dean dymond wrote...
Good program, but the clock mode is currently only in military time (24hr mode). Waiting for update to software to correct it. Also the "iPhone" touch screen feature is buggy at times. Very sensitive one minute, very hard to get it to work the next. Hopefully the next update will correct it.
Wed26Mar at 8:12 am
Brooks Boi wrote...
This is so great, i love is an it works perfect on my HTC shadow!!! do you have any great plugin's that would go good with this!!! hopfully (freeware) lol
Wed26Mar at 3:49 pm
mdtreese wrote...
why won't it work on the mogul... I've tried downloading the mobile friendly version and my same today screen is still being displayed
Thu27Mar at 10:36 am
Gibran wrote...
thats look like nice
Fri28Mar at 12:03 pm
migdier wrote...
Works great on My Shadow also, but I couldn't get the weather temp to change from celcius; is there a way to do that otherwise?
Fri28Mar at 11:03 pm
junger wrote...
I love the screen. But the weather app doesn't work quite right. I can't access the box on the yop of the screen of cities that would presumably let me type the city name for quick access. I can't access the Farenheit switch I'm using on a Pantech Duo
Sun30Mar at 8:01 am
james wrote...
Thu3Apr at 3:50 am
Dylan K wrote...
Works great on a Q9c! :D
Sun6Apr at 10:14 pm
oluwakkie wrote...
Please avoid this application if you have HTC S630. I installed this application and it just deleted and replaced the original S630 default green dialing screen that came with my HTC S630. Does anyone knows how I can get this back onto my HTC S630?
Mon7Apr at 3:22 pm
reggie wrote...
Top thema op mn Htc s710 i :P Zo'n thema heb je ook op die touch en eindelijk heb ik hem hier gevonde, sneller had hij nog wel gemogen, maar ik kan ermee aan de gang:P
Wed9Apr at 4:12 pm
Lance L wrote...
you are always putting out better apps hands down
Wed16Apr at 2:44 am
Carlos wrote...
How do i install it?
Sat19Apr at 7:46 am
Colin wrote...
How do I install? The only thing to click on is _setup.xml which just gives me the script.
Mon21Apr at 1:46 am
Rob Ross wrote...
This works on my T-Mobile Dash except the my people app closes the moment it opens...
Tue22Apr at 11:43 pm
Curtis wrote...
I have an HTC6800. Worked perfect first try. Love it. I D/L zip file to program files on storage card and double clicked on it. Setup popped up, double clicked and worked great. You can find it in settings, today. also plugged in hhc 1.0. Works fantastic.
Sat26Apr at 3:50 am
Jovian wrote...
Worked flawlessly on my Moto Q9h. Looks and functions so well I don't even feel like putting my phone through a garbage disposal anymore. (copy cab to device > install > reset > select home screen "HTC" from settings... away you go!)
Tue29Apr at 6:57 pm
Danh wrote...
Works fine on my s720, but after installing it again, after a cold boot, the "Favorite People" doesn't work properly. It will display then disappear... Any suggestions? Thanks...
Wed30Apr at 1:35 pm
Aaron wrote...
Very impressed with the plugin. Thank you for taking the time and effort. Should you consider updates in the future, I would suggest a quick launch tab similar to the standard HTC screen. Thanks again.
Thu1May at 5:37 am
armando wrote...
nice program
Mon5May at 7:09 am
demo wrote...
how can i instal theis Plugin at my phone my phone is qtek 8300
Mon12May at 11:17 pm
Ryan wrote...
I was wondering how to get the program launcher working here. Also, what color scheme is being used in this plugin, its great.
Wed14May at 2:56 am
Johann wrote...
I could download the file, but it doesn't launch. Can this be used on HTC p4350 with Windows Mobile 6? Could you pls assist?
Sat17May at 10:44 pm
Steve wrote...
Were is the help menu?
Sat24May at 11:30 pm
Mike wrote...
can someone help a bit, I have windows mobile 6.. I synced my device, put the file on to my device..but when I tried to install the cab.. there was nothing..just led me to a source code page???? Any help would be much appreciated
Sun25May at 3:25 pm
Tayla wrote...
Weather, Change Temp Display: START, HTC HOME CUSTOMIZER, move bottom tabs to "OPTIONS", select "Temp Display" to select between Fahrenheit/Celsius. Working with AT&T Tilt 8925.
Sun25May at 3:33 pm
Tayla wrote...
Clock, Change format to 12-hr: START, SETTINGS, SYSTEM, REGIONAL SETTINGS, TIME, h:mm:ss tt
Sun25May at 3:39 pm
Tayla wrote...
Weather, Change City: START, HTC HOME CUSTOMIZER (download freeware if you don't have it), move bottom tabs to "WEATHER". Select your city from drop down list if you see your city and "SAVE" If not, change database type to "CUSTOM," and Enter New City and ZIP code in appropriate fields. Then, SAVE.
Mon26May at 2:56 am
Sascha wrote...
very cool software !!!
Thu5Jun at 8:56 pm
spsb wrote...
Fri6Jun at 10:05 am
ezraider wrote...
Want to make sure this application works on the AT&T Tilt. Thanks!
Tue10Jun at 11:36 am
Brian wrote...
Looks amazing on T-mobile DASH easy installation.
Sat14Jun at 7:14 am
Guido wrote...
After removing the program from my HTC S710, the standard home screen is erased! How to get it back?
Sat21Jun at 11:23 am
rondextor wrote...
i cant upzip it...any help on that?...i dont feel like buyin the winzip thingy
Sat5Jul at 1:07 am
edgar wrote...
como lo instalo en una htc por favor ayuda
Mon7Jul at 1:04 pm
Brian wrote...
I have successfully downloaded this to my HTC smartphone. After installing it requested to do a boot which I approved. When the phone came back up the screen is the same as before. The new clock is not running. I have looked around the menus and cannot find how to activate this program. Under "Settings" "today" the "HTCHomeplug" is checkecd. How do I get it to display the time in larger font?
Fri11Jul at 7:32 pm
Aaron wrote...
I have been completely unable to get this working on my t-mobile dash. I install the HHC Home Customizer and it installs successfully, but when I try to run it it says it needs to install a plugin. It tries to install the plugin but crashes everytime. I have tried different versions, but no luck so far. I have tried installing to microsd as well as directly to device with same results. Any suggestions???
Wed16Jul at 1:13 pm
milk wrote...
Mon28Jul at 5:08 am
Urban Hagström wrote...
Thu31Jul at 4:55 am
milo wrote...
Thu31Jul at 5:33 am
rahuul wrote...
works great on an s710..
Tue12Aug at 4:27 am
constan wrote...
Could you explain how to install it on XDA2 Thank you
Sun31Aug at 4:49 am
Abhishek wrote...
i installed this file on my htc p3400i..but it was unsucessful..wht do i do??
Fri12Sep at 2:18 pm
Jamie wrote...
can i pick a different weather city? the nearest selection to me is 600 miles away...i live in driggs, ID, a small ski town
Tue16Sep at 8:57 am
mohiuddin mahmood wrote...
successful for sgh i600
Wed17Sep at 1:07 pm
geokim wrote...
Fri19Sep at 4:39 pm
Richard Kimber wrote...
Works great on my Moto Q9h. I love it, thanks.
Sun5Oct at 8:09 am
Stephen Murphy wrote...
I have installed this on my XDA Graphite, running WM6 (upgraded from WM5), and it looks great. Everything works, including the weather change. You select it from the settings / home screen menu - change to HTC. My question however at this time is the same as a few others above - which is - how do I install a program launcher on the front screen, this appears to be the only weakness to an otherwise excellent plugin. Thank you Stephen
Fri24Oct at 2:08 am
Lychee wrote...
hai Who can help me?? i have a smartphone sotbank X02HT but the system now is lock, because the phone is from japan and now i want use on Indonesia i need help now, hurry! please reply at my e-mail Thanks
Sat1Nov at 10:09 pm
johan wrote...
htc s 710 its meant for this phone, works excelent!
Thu6Nov at 6:17 pm
raaul wrote...
very nice for i600 wm6.better if wifi is on home screen but..
Fri7Nov at 5:50 pm
bryan wrote...
does this work on m t-mobile dash and if how do i install it
Tue11Nov at 7:06 am
RAMON wrote...
works great with my moto Q! brilliant application
Fri21Nov at 2:25 am
docjayesh wrote...
I am using O2 XDA graphite can any body please tell me how to install above plugin
Fri21Nov at 9:28 am
alexdnk wrote...
Hi, it works great on HTC Oxygen 160 I have a problem,its a 176x260 Resolution I cant really se the minutes but its okay. Do not unzip it,install the cab on the phone.
Mon24Nov at 4:18 pm
mwenyewe wrote...
I installed it, but, unfortunately, it doesn't appear on the screen of my HTC Touch Cruise (Polaris). Can you help?
Sun14Dec at 3:47 am
mandmcarter wrote...
I have installed it on my htc v1615 but it does not seem to have done anything, can anyone help please as I really want the large clock on my home screen
Sun4Jan at 11:06 pm
Alex FC wrote...
I can't use it on my BenQ E72! What can I do? It's fail install! It says installation was unsuccessful too!
Thu15Jan at 5:03 pm
nibbs wrote...
Works great on my S710. Just had to switch from HTC theme to another one and back to get it working. Love the new shiny look and great weather app. Missing a quick launch bar tho
Mon26Jan at 12:38 pm
Terry wrote...
After I download the cab file, and extract it. There are no installation file.
Sat14Feb at 5:50 am
leoa wrote...
i have installed the above application in my HTC p3400i and after restarting the hand set my "HTC Home" is not displaying on screen. then i uninstalled it. even it is not showing. i went in to Settings ->Today tab and checked HTC Home. but no results. pls some one provide some solution.
Mon16Feb at 11:26 am
Chris wrote...
I have installed the program and it only fits on the top half of the screen. Is there a resolution change that i can make for it to fit the screen?
Fri20Feb at 4:57 am
benipal wrote...
i had intalled the software on my htc touch.after restarting the phone my htc home is not displayig on screen.then i uninstalled it and still it not showing.please provode me the solution.thanx
Fri20Feb at 5:37 am
bitu wrote...
i tried software on my htc touch.after restarting the phone my htc home is not displayig on screen.then i uninstalled it and still it not showing.please provode me the
Thu26Feb at 1:28 am
Alex FC wrote...
How can I install it successfully into my BenQ E72?
Fri10Apr at 5:55 pm
JG1122 wrote...
i installed the program and it said installed successful but when my HTC Touch PRO restart the HTC home is not displaying. PLEASE PLEASE help me how to make it visible on my HTC touch. Thank you!:)
Wed22Apr at 8:49 pm
MotoEric wrote...
Worked great for me on my Q9 Global... Installed, rebooted (don't know if that was necessary or not), and chose the "HTC" home screen under "Settings"... Thanks!
Thu20Aug at 2:35 pm
HTC DaveO wrote...
This works perfect with my Shadow 2 I don't know how people can even use the shadow without it...the people you call most feature is kinda lame though
Sun22Nov at 4:04 am
Soni wrote...
when i try to install it says installation unsucessfull...i'm using dopod d810 wm5,,,
Sat28Nov at 10:15 pm
Lisa wrote...
This works perfectly on my Shadow! Love it. Got unsuccessful install when tried to change name of file before installing. Installed as is and selected HTC for homescreen and it works perfectly! Thx
Wed27Jan at 10:41 am
ngfnff wrote...
Mon12Apr at 10:58 am
robert wrote...
Thu27May at 9:50 pm
Aaron wrote...
GREAT APP! but one problem. Im unable to change the degrees from celcius to farenheit because of my smartphone's touchscreen INcapabilities.
Wed9Jun at 4:56 pm
Paul wrote...
This fantastic running on my tmo dash 3g. One question. Is there any way to have the weather forecast refresh sooner like every 20 minutes?
Sat17Jul at 12:24 am
ravi wrote...
Mon13Sep at 11:11 am
shawn wrote...
Sun14Nov at 10:10 am
Louiw wrote...
I installed it on my Samsung Code SCHI220 works perfectly except for the Favorite people, i click to open it and it just goes back to the home screen doesnt do anything, besides that issues looks and works great! even the weather!
Sat11Jun at 1:58 am
kasim wrote...
htc tuch mobile tv softwear
Mon26Sep at 7:32 pm
Jennis wrote...
Well I guess I don't have to spend the weekend figuirng this one out!
Mon2Apr at 10:17 am
zealous wrote...
i need soft
Wed29Aug at 12:09 am
Prakash wrote...
delivered as promised, good price. it does cghare the droid incredible, but locks the device while charging. switched to a verizon cgharer, no longer locks during cghare.
Sat1Sep at 12:25 am
Reyan wrote...
I need to append my ogirinal comment. Again, this is a great app. The ease in creating folders is something Google should look at as a model in next generation OS. The bottom app scroll bar is another feature that should be a standard in any ROM. But I did end up having to discontinue using because I am not able to manage my GMail account. I was able to delete a new message, but it really wasn't deleted. I still had to log into my account and delete messages in my Inbox. I also was not able to send email. If this item could be fixed, I would go back to using it exclusively.



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