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» IMSMS v1.0.733

Summary: IMSMS is an Instant Messaging SMS chat application

Windows Mobile 6 standart
smartphone edition

Arrived: 2009-05-18
Found under: SMS, chat, instant, message

» IMSMS v1.0.733 Description

IMSMS is an Instant Messaging SMS chat application. It is essentially an Instant Messaging tool that simulates threading of incoming and outgoing SMS messages on your Smartphone and PPC Windows Mobile device. What it does is simulate Instant Messaging using SMS. It was originally designed for the HTC 620/Tmobile Dash (a wonderful design of a phone btw!) and is fast and easy to use! Here are a few highlights of what IMSMS can do (see online tutorial for more features)

You must archive and DELETE ALL YOUR CHAT LOGS when installing the performance enhanced version of IMSMS - any verson BEFORE (Version 1.0.210) ONLY - Any version AFTER 1.0.210 you do not need to perform this procedure

* Smartphone Edition (Windows Mobile 6):
Download Smartphone Version 1.0.300 *skins support
- TMobile Dash, Moto Q, and others users

*** Motorola Q9h ONLY SMARTPHONE(Windows Mobile 6):
Download Moto Q9h Edition Version 1.0.300 *skins support

*** Motorola Q ONLY SMARTPHONE (Windows Mobile 5):
Download Moto Q Edition Version 1.0.300 *skins support


** POCKET PC PRO EDITION ONLY (Windows Mobile 6):
Download PPC PRO Version 1.0.300 *skins support

the IMSMS v1.0.733 free for your smartphone

» Comments

Wed7Nov at 10:49 pm
Andre wrote...
The links are all down :(
Fri9Nov at 1:45 am
Mn152 wrote...
Go to the main home site for downloads - the links here are so old!
Thu15Nov at 7:57 am
Kareem wrote...
Has anyone gotten this to capture messages on their WM6 Dash? And is this version more current than the .505. I am confused about the versioning.
Thu20Dec at 8:42 am
Jason wrote...
Yes, the version numbers are quite confusing, and this version here 1.300 is old...
Sun18Jul at 2:37 pm
Megan wrote...
I have Samsung Blackjack 2, wm 6.0 and this works perfectly. Great app!
Tue12Jul at 8:18 pm
toum chivann wrote...
Sun25Mar at 4:16 pm
Sumanth wrote...
This may sound strange but has the haetwer changed a great deal lately? There may be a crack in a cold solder joint on one of the SMD (Surface Mount Devices). For devices that do not generate a lot of internal heat changes in haetwer like hot or cold and even humidity can cause the crack to grow causing all kinds of problems that can often be very hard to track down. The problem does not get much better even if you find the defective joint, a regular soldering iron can kill an SMD in Nanoseconds is applied incorrectly.



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