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» iphone smartphone theme skin

Summary: Very nice and smooth looking Clown Fish iphone like today screen theme for your Windows Mobile powered Smartphone. Best working with Windows Mobile 2005. There are two version of it in the zip file - one for Facade and one "Standard" version which uses only standard or free plugins. Required plug...

Windows Mobile smartphone

Arrived: 2007-01-15
Found under: iphone, theme, skin, smartphone

» iphone smartphone theme skin Description

Very nice and smooth looking Clown Fish iphone like today screen theme for your Windows Mobile powered Smartphone. Best working with Windows Mobile 2005. There are two version of it in the zip file - one for Facade and one "Standard" version which uses only standard or free plugins.

Required plugins for the facade version:
RJTime (free)
Fizz Traveller
Required plugins for the standard version:
RJTime (free)
Smartmonitor (free - works great on wm5 devices)

the iphone smartphone theme skin free for your smartphone

» Comments

Sat13Jan at 6:03 am
bipin wrote...
Sat13Jan at 8:02 am
Mouse wrote...
Looks nice, how to install? (i have a wm5 just 2 days :-) )
Mon15Jan at 6:18 pm
Phone Addict wrote...
I love it!
Tue16Jan at 1:42 am
hmmmm wrote...
Seems to be only for WM5 smartphones, not for WM5 pocketpcs. Too bad ;)
Mon22Jan at 10:04 pm
Robert wrote...
I seem to be having an issue downloading the file. After I press the "Agree" button to download the file, nothing happens. Please Help! Thanks.
Thu25Jan at 5:50 am
mitch wrote...
How about a 320x240 size background image for us w/ smartphones with the bigger screen?
Sat27Jan at 8:52 am
dotdot wrote...
tried to install "standard" a fair few times on my HTC tynt, but just cant get it to show up as an option in Home screen -> Themes
Fri2Feb at 4:18 pm
Aric Phillips wrote...
is there any reason that it shows up only 3/4 of the screen and the right side is just a blue bar?
Thu8Feb at 3:15 am
john wrote...
plase help me, how should I download it?
Mon12Feb at 3:24 pm
Alex wrote...
where do i install to???
Tue13Feb at 4:00 am
George Dimoff wrote...
dotdo, thats not for HTC tytn its for windows mobile smartphones edition and your TyTn is a windows mobile pocketpc edition
Thu15Feb at 12:04 am
ANYONE HELP Randy wrote...
ANYONE HELP!!!Ive got Windows mobile 6...i downloaded the facade version but didn't put my phone type when i downloaded it. Will it still work on my MDA vario 2 when the screen turns horizontal?
Mon19Feb at 10:46 am
AlejandroFefe wrote...
Vario 2 isn“t a smartphone! A smartphone is without a touchscreen! But it doesn“t run on mi qtek 8500
Fri23Feb at 8:22 pm
HTC S620 User wrote...
I installed it according to your instructions and the nice clownfish only occupies 2/3 of the screen vertically. Oh well...
Sat24Feb at 8:51 am
iMate SPL user wrote...
I installed the standard version according to the instructions, though my battery status won't show. The signal status works fine though. And the cprogback.png file won't replace, it says that the virtual memory might be full or it might be used by a program. Any ideas?
Thu5Apr at 8:14 am
John wrote...
Looks great. The battery and signal icons wont show up on my home screen though, and it only displays military time. How do I change these things?
Wed11Apr at 2:53 am
john wrote...
Sun20May at 9:23 pm
Baron wrote...
has anyone fixed the resolution issue with the homescreen gif not fitting on the screen?
Sun10Jun at 11:41 am
3125 user wrote...
i have htc startrek/cingular 3125 and it doesnt show on the themes, also, i cant find the 2nd plugin anywhere now if anyone still have it would u mind sending it to me? let me know
Sun17Jun at 2:02 pm
Hardeen wrote...
Does anyone know where to get the SmartMonitor plug-in as the link doesn't work?
Wed20Jun at 6:29 am
Grant wrote...
I couldn't get the SmartMonitor to work either... HELP! I had to factory reset my phone, because whatever I did denied me access to my settings!
Sat30Jun at 12:56 pm
Rayn wrote...
i have the Samsung SGH-i600 with the WM5 could someone please explain to me the steps to install the theme on my phone thanks
Sun22Jul at 6:16 am
dani wrote...
i love youy
Thu9Aug at 6:56 am
Tang wrote...
Fri10Aug at 9:51 am
Gustan wrote...
Really love the home screen. Only issue (I used the facade trial) is that the whole right of the screen is blue bar and the calendar shows two days (instead of one) thus I have to scroll to get down to new mails. Any ideas on how to correct. Really love the idea though...
Fri10Aug at 11:21 am
Gustan wrote...
Ok, figured out the calendar issue. Only issue is the "Blue bar" on the right of the screen which I am guessing is because the background gif is formatted for narrower screen. Anyone know how to stretch the gif to match the size of a tmobile dash?
Mon13Aug at 2:54 pm
Rachel wrote...
hey i have a tmobile wing and ive seen in be done i just cant get it to work any idea why?
Sat18Aug at 1:17 pm
Skip-E wrote...
Sun19Aug at 12:14 pm
Eric wrote...
Just hit download, on the next page there's a working link to download SmartMonitor.
Mon27Aug at 5:24 pm
Michael wrote...
If you go to his website, where the other skins are located, you'll find a widescreen version of this skin, as well as other skins that can be used with the smartphone OS.
Thu4Oct at 8:19 pm
ERIC wrote...
i have a tmobile dash wm5.0 and when i click download my device tells me file cannot be displayed...:please help me anyone.....tell me step by step what i need because i dont tnink im doing it right
Fri12Oct at 11:47 am
doberman wrote...
Fri19Oct at 10:29 pm
jazz wrote...
how can i install this on motorolaq in while folder should i put this and how to apply
Sun21Oct at 9:16 pm
joseph wrote...
can anyone tell me step by step how to install it?? i dont think im doing it rite..
Wed31Oct at 9:09 pm
David wrote...
What about if we have a Qwest HTC Fusion 5800? cuz that needs both landscape and narrow version... the narrow version works perfect but when i slide it out to landscape it is the crappiest thing ever
Wed31Oct at 9:10 pm
David wrote...
Oh also yeah how do u fix the military time? i dont like that
Mon12Nov at 5:14 pm
alia wrote...
Mon19Nov at 7:55 am
utomo wrote...
i really want to install it to my O2, but it so hard,can u give more explanation?
Thu22Nov at 9:02 pm
larry wrote...
i have samsung sgh-i600 upgraded to wm6, please teach me how to install the iphone home screen at my phone. tnx.
Mon24Dec at 8:49 pm
dhaval wrote...
Nice one
Thu27Dec at 7:27 am
shaival wrote...
can someone please help me know where can i find themes and applications for IMATE JAQ wm5
Fri28Dec at 4:17 am
atturo wrote...
Tue1Jan at 12:54 pm
peppe wrote...
Thu10Jan at 10:56 am
Adam wrote...
Can someone please help me out with getting a iphone theme on my htc ppc 6800. NOTHING seems to work.
Thu10Jan at 11:47 pm
eric wrote...
i have a tmobile dash wm5.0,my phone let me download it but where do i find it to display on my homescreen.....please help :-(
Tue22Jan at 11:37 pm
Akshay wrote...
Looks amazing :-)
Sun17Feb at 8:07 am
Playa B wrote...
How can i install on a att tilt? Help having hard timez
Fri22Feb at 2:15 pm
sanjay wrote...
I have a htc 3400 I want to download good games in my mobile plz help me
Sat1Mar at 3:59 am
harry wrote...
Fri7Mar at 8:18 pm
jordy wrote...
I seem to be having trubble downloading the file. After I press the "Agree" button to download the file, it downloads and then the iphonev2-2 folder pops up then i dont know wat to do. can u please help. thanks
Sat8Mar at 6:20 pm
amrethymno wrote...
Wed19Mar at 10:09 am
adam wrote...
very good back
Wed19Mar at 6:59 pm
thomas dang wrote...
I seen to be having trouble downloaking the file, please help me with the step by step. Mahalo
Sun23Mar at 2:47 pm
christian wrote...
Thu27Mar at 2:59 pm
really great look
Wed30Apr at 3:10 pm
smoke me up wrote...
users with landscape screen (widescreen 320x240) need iPhone landscape version. BUT I DONT KNOW WHERE TO FIND IT!!!!!!!! a cant sleep i am still searching ... omg. please help me where to download it free. RJtime has been installed succesfuly.
Fri2May at 3:21 am
hmmm wrote...
can some help me step by step. it wont let copy the file in to the home folder.
Sat24May at 4:22 am
vinod wrote...
hey can any one send me iphone theme for my htc p3400i
Sat21Jun at 12:10 pm
reggy wrote...
how do i upload it on to my phone if i dont have a plug
Wed23Jul at 8:45 pm
jose wrote...
this is good
Fri22Aug at 6:47 pm
Michael wrote...
By me having WM6 is it the same to download as WM5
Fri5Sep at 7:42 pm
Gavin wrote...
Have any of you looked at bestiphonetheme dot com Ok, it's not free, but you better believe that I'll pay 10 bucks for a product that actually works, then spend hours on a free one that won't.
Sat27Sep at 6:43 am
pulkit wrote...
can it be done on htc touch
Fri3Apr at 6:37 am
jagmeet wrote...
how can work it .... and how can i install on htc touch plz tell me help me plz.....
Wed15Apr at 2:25 pm
Sam Bryan wrote...
Has anyoe installed this on an LG Insite yet? I am haveing to many problems, ghetting ready to reset the whole damed fone
Tue7Jul at 10:26 pm
Loekito wrote...
Themes landscape wm6.1 free download
Tue1Sep at 8:34 am
siddu wrote...
Sat5Sep at 8:54 pm
DarkRĪ™ZĪ£ wrote...
i need , like some instructions on how to install this thing. please respond
Fri26Mar at 9:04 am
ravi wrote...
htc p3400i app`s
Tue13Apr at 3:20 am
mandeep wrote...
its good
Wed21Apr at 4:01 am
Jahangir wrote...
htc touch
Tue22Jun at 1:56 am
srikar wrote...
i need it to cown load
Tue3Aug at 10:48 am
rushan rashmil wrote...
hey can any one send me iphone theme for my htc p3400i??? it seems difficult. anybody can help me pls???
Fri3Sep at 4:17 pm
fady wrote...
Mon9May at 8:59 am
Cezarh wrote...
anyone who can help me where to download the iPhone theme for my SGH i600, can you please send me the links. I spend a lot of time in front of computer just to grab it please send the links or the cab file directly in my email please(
Fri10Jun at 6:20 am
Mebin wrote...
New Working link : In that go to >>> >>>MS Smartphone Homescreens (QVGA) >>>iPhone (landscape) Then Download...
Thu29Sep at 7:54 am
Adray wrote...
Can any kind person tell me why my Samsung SGH-i600 reverts to January 2006?
Thu29Sep at 7:55 am
Adray wrote...
Can any kind person tell me why my Samsung SGH-i600 reverts to January 2006?
Sat14Jan at 1:06 pm
kumar wrote...
its awesome
Mon17Dec at 9:35 am
prakash solanki wrote...
i need it



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