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» JZ SmartMort

Summary: When mapped to a hardware button users can copy/paste, clipboard history, favorites and more tools including ability to choose from multiple installed browsers when a URL is clicked.

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2010-03-23
Found under: utilities, multiple browsers, browserscopy, paste, tweaks, hacks

» JZ SmartMort Description

New version v1.6.7:
* JZBrowser: Opera Mobile 10 beta support
* JZBrowser: Check when to display Browser GUI option
* JZBrowser: Extra error trapping for a situation when the configured Browser GUI is uninstalled, MortScript Choice Menu will default.
* JZAction: Add 3g toggle to Comm Manager
* Tweaks: Added BAND setting tweak
* Tweaks: HTC > StartUp put current status on the menu
* Tweaks: Shortcut/LNK ability which will dial a number when the shortcut is clicked. Further testing needed on QVGA, Pure and Emulator
* New button mapping for the Samsung Jack WM 6.5 ROM

The script pack is meant for devices running Windows Mobile 5 & 6 with Mort's MortScript as the macro engine mapped to the Notes hardware button.

Copy/paste plus many more tools and browser plugin options that a Windows Mobile lacks.

JZ SmartMort Features:

* Copy / Paste
* Clipboard / URL history
* Multi-browser support (Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, NetFront, Skyfire, Iris Browser, Internet Explorer)
* Make any installed browser system-level, where it opens links from anywhere. Ability to have a default browser (with a special timeout in case you want to open a link with a non-default browser).
* Hardware buttons - supports Pocket PCs & SmartPhones for advanced hardware button mapping.
* Opera Mini - shortcut on the Start Menu, different paste & URL handling methods to accommodate different phones.
* JBed - create Start Menu shortcuts for any JBed app, run JBed App directly using JZ SmartMort, troubleshoot your JBed installation.
* Ability to open synced Mobile Favorites with any browser, process killing and many other interesting features.
* Includes general tweaks and hacks which will keep growing.

If my CAB does not uninstall successfully, the best software to remove JZ SmartMort is SKTools. It did much better at uninstalling than PocketMechanic & MemMaid.

Make sure you have tried an alternative "Opera Mini Paste Method" in JZ Browser options.

For more information and updates please visit this forum post

the JZ SmartMort free for your smartphone

Made by: jz_smartmort

» Comments

Thu20Nov at 2:22 pm
Glorin Cancio wrote...
A good program. Copy and paste neede with it's here.
Fri21Nov at 2:03 am
Nate wrote...
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! It broke my phone. IT made it so I can't launch a web browser on my phone. It gives me an error that it can't find the Mort script. I uninstalled the program and rebooted my phone twice and I still can't use the internet on my phone. I have no idea how I'm gonna fix my phone now.
Sat22Nov at 6:55 am
Kevin wrote...
Nate, I had the same problem on my Ipaq514, but I can launch my browser "IE mobile" by using "JZ Browser" and choosing "IE mobile", so try reinstalling the program & see if this works, I'm still finding my way around this program & would recommend that only advanced users should install it.
Sun23Nov at 9:53 pm
JZSmartMort wrote...
Post problems on my XDA thread for assistance: The software cannot "break" your phone. JZ SmartMort lets you activate and deactivate the browser functionality so you can turn it off anytime you want. My software even includes MortScript and it should have installed itself... but even if it didn't the install instructions tell you how you can download it yourself. Search the web for MortScript. Ultimately, the software is for newer devices and not for novice users. This site only offers the CAB and not the instructions.
Mon24Nov at 2:46 am
matteandhue wrote...
This program is a must have. I can't use my phone without it anymore. For those that are having trouble, please check out the forums at and do a search for jzsmartmort. I recommend this to all who want full control over multiple browsers and copy/paste functionality.
Mon24Nov at 11:36 pm
jway79 wrote...
No, Nate is totally right! Regardless of what jzsmartmort says, it CAN brake your phone! Or at least the programs that is. I downloaded this program, deleted it, and like the other guys wound up having to do a master reset on my phone just to be able to use the net again. And still its telling me that it cant find mortscript or one of its components! My phone will never be the same. I dont even know what mortscript is but its gone once you delete this app. I am very unhappy.
Tue25Nov at 11:41 am
JZSmartMort wrote...
Another newbie... for heaven sake, PLEASE do not download my software if you have no idea what MortScript is because I told you where to go to find out more - my XDA thread. This site is missing my INSTRUCTIONS, which clearly explain what MortScript is and how to get it. So, to sum up how to fix your issues, get MortScript (I would recommend beta version): Install it, then run JZ Settings > JZ Browser Options, DISABLE the app, uninstall it and never install/re-activate it again because it's for advanced users like I said before who understand that my entire software is based on MortScript, and it is always instruction #1 on all my threads. And last but not least, it CANNOT break your phone. All it does is hack some registry entries, which can be REVERSED to Microsoft defaults by DISABLING JZBrowser functionality. It does not register DLL's and contains no executables.
Tue25Nov at 2:30 pm
COOL STUFF wrote...
It's pleasant to see your site with the information of Smartphone.It's good to know that SmartMort is a simple productivity tool for any Windows Mobile user.The feature you have provided is also awesome.Thank you for this.
Tue25Nov at 3:03 pm
jway79 wrote...
What you say sounds all well and good Smartmort. However my phone tells a different story. Its the sad story of a windows mobile based phone that loved to play on the internet... and now, it cant. All because of a program called JZ Smartmort. I tried what you said and it didnt work. Maybe because im not "advanced" enough. Maybe you should put a disclaimer in the description that says this program is only for "advanced" users.
Tue25Nov at 5:35 pm
JZSmartMort wrote...
I gave you a way to fix it... you do not have to hard-reset, EVER, not because of my software. Again it only changes registry entries, nothing else, those are reversable. It's not my fault that somebody took my software and threw it on this site, it's suppose to have a slew of instructions which one can see on SourceForge, MoDaCo and XDA-Developers sites. My software is on those sites for a reason, because it's meant for people who are advanced on Windows Mobile. I don't want to discourage anyone, but I provided you instructions on fixing this. If you would like I can provide a CAB file to revert you to back to Microsoft default but if you follow what I said above, install MortScript, my software, then DEACTIVATE JZBrowser functionality, you will be all set, why is that not coming accross? I would rather hear the results of those directions as they were meant to help you.
Tue25Nov at 10:13 pm
Nate wrote...
What you're failing to explain is why we should have to go do research in developer forums to figure out how to fix the mess your software made of our mobile phone lives. If I was a plumber and I came to your house and hooked up your toilet drain to the faucet, would you be satisfied with me telling you to go get a do it yourself plumbing book to fix it? Just because you broke my phone doesn't make me a stupid newbie either. I happen to be an expert on cell phones and have worked in the industry for a long time. I'm just not stupid enough to go messing with the basic functionality of my phone. If I'd known what I was doing, I never would've attempted to use software like that.
Tue25Nov at 11:11 pm
Nate wrote...
jway79, doing what Mr.Malware distributor suggested seems to have worked on my phone so far. Time will tell if it keeps working because I got it to work before and then it reverted. But try it, it seems to have worked. I don't see why SmartMort, you couldn't tell me that in one of the several emails back and forth with you in which you refused to take responsibility, blamed it on me and suggest I search around for help with the problem. In the meantime Jway, I sent an email to Smartphone-Freeware reporting this malicious app and asking them to please take it down.
Wed26Nov at 1:59 am
JZSmartMort wrote...
Malware here, hope my app gets removed from lame site so "industry professionals" like Mr. Nate the Plumber does not ever install it as it's beyond him. I have like 500 live users. My beta was up for 2 days and 70 people downloaded the thing, beta and people still wanted it. You have no idea what you are talking about, hence the newbie. Just reverse the damn settings, monkeys can do it. It is not my fault that somebody decided to post my app here without instructions, but if you were curious enough, release notes would have been installed with the CAB, industry pro. Does the fact that I helped not count with you??? Lastly you forgot something genius, plumbers get paid, my software is free, and folks beyond your abilities are using it daily, please never use it again.
Sun31May at 11:24 pm
rogerio wrote...
how i uninstall this app mr.jz smarthmort? because i continue tried to unistall and this softare didnt want to be uninstalled. regards
Mon1Jun at 5:13 pm
JZ SmartMort wrote...
Great question :) Unfortunately, the best tool to uninstall the app is a third-party one. SK Tools is the king of uninstalling. My DLL (which has start menu shortcut icons inside) is being kept busy by the start menu and does not want to cleanly uninstall but SK Tools is next to magic when it comes to uninstalling anything.
Mon15Jun at 2:02 pm
Sr Perez wrote...
To Nate and all the other nay-sayers. Some basic netiquette: 1. Read what the software does 2. Read what the software requires 3. UNDERSTAND what you read. Does it match your needs? Do you have the prerequisites? Do you know what you need to do from here? 4. ONCE YOU UNDERSTOOD, in case of doubt, POLITELY ask the author about your doubts. This is specially true for authors of FREE software; they are giving it away; who do you think you are to DEMAND an answer? What payment you've done entitles you to behave like that? If you see references to "XDA Developers" or "MoDaCo", YES, this quite likely is for a CERTAIN kind of user. No offense, it simply is like that. The fact that you can drive won't make you win a Formula 1 race. The fact that you can install a "regular" app on your smartphone doesn't mean every app out there is for you. I'm not trying to make fun of anyone; this is just the way it is.
Fri14Aug at 3:36 pm
paramore wrote...
i would like to know how to download this stuff, is there no way to just send it to the phone or do i have to download it to the computer then send it to the phone or what [please help] thanks
Sun16Aug at 1:40 am
JZ SmartMort wrote...
Of course you can download it to the phone by going to the URL I'll paste below and picking a download mirror. You will download a CAB file with whatever web browser you're using and then just open File Explorer and click on that CAB file in install.
Mon12Oct at 5:22 pm
Paulla wrote...
Wed14Oct at 3:53 am
Paulla wrote...
Wed14Oct at 4:25 am
paulla wrote...
didnt work
Fri30Oct at 1:18 pm
rasheed wrote...
it is so helpeful
Mon2Nov at 5:09 pm
JZ SmartMort wrote...
paul/paulla --- not sure what you're trying to say, you have a strange posting method :) If it does not work for you, post some specifics. I can't address vague problems like "didnt work".
Wed25Nov at 11:25 am
JZ SmartMort wrote...
Sat5Dec at 9:03 am
JOBS wrote...
Thu10Dec at 4:29 am
Srini wrote...
Hey JZSmartMort.. kudos man.. Yo software is rocking.. Its doin magics in my HTC.. Wil continue using this and redistribute to all my friends.. after all even if this app burns up my phone, I'll never blame u back or call u a nasty plumber or malwarer.. This app doesnt need any advanced user to use it.. As u said even monkeys can revert back.. Ha HA.. LOL
Tue15Dec at 1:56 am
vinod wrote...
thanks for beingking for people.thank you
Wed27Jan at 11:58 am
juan carlos wrote...
hey mr.jzsmartmort. I download this program but i guess it is not for me or my htc snap phone, once it was installed i tried to use some of the programs but they would never i tried to uninstall it but it says " that it can't find the Mort script". I tried to uninstalled the program and reset the phone twice and I still can't use the internet. I need some help to uninstalled this program or some guide for a better use. thanks
Fri5Feb at 2:00 pm
sadhik wrote...
Wed3Mar at 2:02 am
JZ SmartMort wrote...
juan carlos: grab my app from here and re-install it... it should install MortScript for you. However, you can grab it from here as well: I would also highly recommend posting problems to this site because I get e-mail notifications: Thanks! JZ
Thu25Mar at 7:11 am
DList wrote...
I tried to uninstall this application using SK Tools. Unfortunately, I wasn't as lucky as other guys, and application is still there, or at least parts of it. I still have 'JZ Settings " "JZ Browser" and " JZ Action" on a start menu and I can not get rid of them, despite of the fact that by clicking them shows that " Mort Script" cannot be opened. Well, those three icons are annoying and I hope someone will tell me how to get rid of them. Yet despite of having those buttons my internet connection is still functional, so I guess I have to be grateful for that and not having problems with it like other folks. Please help.
Sun18Apr at 3:38 am
garsh wrote...
your app is cool man, how can one restore the 3g toggle under programs? I updated the app n the icon disappeared, all I have now is the wifi toggle. please advice. im using htc touch hd
Tue4May at 12:42 am
JZ SmartMort wrote...
@garsh - download the new version 1.6.8 it's friendlier with respect to what you're trying to do. You go under JZSettings > Misc > StartMenu Icons.
Tue4May at 12:44 am
JZ SmartMort wrote...
@DList - your issue is really simple... just search the web for "start menu shortcut windows mobile" you would see that it's under \Windows\StartMenu and just delete what you don't want.
Wed12May at 10:49 am
maafiyamundir wrote...
its cool
Tue8Jun at 8:55 pm
naresh87 wrote...
i m very happy
Tue8Jun at 9:03 pm
naresh87 wrote...
i m very happy
Thu10Jun at 3:05 pm
cemalettin wrote...
skyfire çok güzel
Fri2Jul at 4:28 pm
JUAN CARLOS wrote...
Hey you'll I know is going to be a problem to most of all but what i did it really worked, I just reprogramed or reset the whole pohone again to its original format, but first i backed up all of my contacts, pictures, videos, I don't have those icons on my phones' I said before this program eventhough its great it is was not for me...Mr. JzSmartMort can you help me and tell me if this program really is compatible with htc snap? thanks.
Mon5Jul at 6:50 am
Eve Langley wrote...
I want a new I Phone 4 ,,,,I know 3 people that got them free
Thu22Jul at 6:36 pm
JZ SmartMort wrote...
@JUAN CARLOS: My app is for Windows Mobile which the htc snap is. That means YES it is compatible. You're on a website with the Microsoft Windows Mobile logo at the top of the screen, this would be a pretty good indication of compatibility as well as the software description of course. However, if you're not able to discern that I would sway you away from my app unless you absolutely need it. Advanced copy/paste and ability to click a URL and it will ask you "which browser do you want to open that URL with" --- are the best features of my app so again if you don't need those don't install my app as it's truly for more advanced users. Thx
Tue27Jul at 1:29 pm
1234 wrote...
Tue22Feb at 10:46 pm
Beaubrun wrote...
C'bien et bonne cette chose la
Mon28Mar at 7:03 am
valantino wrote...
Mon4Apr at 6:39 pm
raid said wrote...
it is very good
Thu7Apr at 11:22 pm
Rahul wrote...
Tue7Jun at 5:11 pm
manny wrote...
Its excellent. Its. just what o needed. I think. I will be excellent for my smart. Phone .
Tue16Aug at 4:12 am
Minh Tam wrote...
Mon22Aug at 2:15 pm
Karthik wrote...
Sun4Sep at 8:23 am
tahir.hasan wrote...
jz 2./
Sun18Sep at 2:59 pm
hector pernia wrote...
es un programa uti
Tue27Sep at 6:06 pm
Loree wrote...
Great atricle but it didn't have everything—I didn't find the kitchen sink!
Wed4Jan at 9:37 am
robert lawrence wrote...
i recommend all.
Wed1Feb at 12:09 pm
YOSEP wrote...
ok good think
Sun26Aug at 5:40 pm
Aakash wrote...
You could have avoided this by steting your gmail account for imap access only. Depending on when you made the account you may have had pop3 enabled already, but it sounds like you defiantly didn't disable it, in the stetings which you can do also.
Thu1Nov at 11:55 pm
Bincho wrote...
Thanks again for reviewing the app. Great to hear that there's some inesrtet in it out there! I'm working on an update that will be released next week with 3.0 that will fix most of the issues people might be seeing.All the best!Eric



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