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» Leaf Locate

Summary: Free location software for Windows Mobile.

Windows Mobile Standard

Arrived: 2010-03-07
Found under: GPS, Location, Track, Share, find me, poi

» Leaf Locate Description


Free location software for Windows Mobile.

Leaf Locate features:

* Africa Maps *NEW*
* TouchFLO Integration *NEW*
* FindMe on Startup *NEW*
* Locate addresses and Smart Search
* Store your own favourite locations
* Route Planning
* Flexible Points Of Interest (POI) search
* Click to dial POI from map
* Visual route guidance "fly through"
* Data counter
* Online vector based maps with small footprint
* 2D and 3D views

the Leaf Locate free for your smartphone

Made by: Leaf International Communications

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Thu18Aug at 3:04 am
onkar wrote...
I like this site.
Sat3Dec at 7:32 pm
adarlingo wrote...
want this
Fri23Mar at 1:45 pm
Yunn wrote...
Todd, I don't mean to sound like I keep harping on you, but the Smartphone soft key cngahes were dramatic ? They were more of an Oh. cool. for me.Anyway, on a more constructive note, I usually don't see Mortscript mentioned in these kinds of lists. It's a powerful and easy-to-learn scripting language for Windows Mobile (and Windows iirc). I use it to perform otherwise tedious tasks and to set up my phone with my customizations (CABs and Reg edits) after a wipe. It's free.Another note, the .NET Compact Framework 3.5 seems to yield large performance and stability improvements over 2.0 and I urge you to check it out.BTW, you're right, I'm not David Pogue.
Thu17May at 11:11 am
Ajibade wrote...
I support the good,you are good.
Sun10Jun at 6:31 am
eenuckamee wrote...
I need a code for boost mobile



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