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» Leopard OS X theme

Summary: OS X Leopard Theme for landscape smartphones

Windows Mobile Smartphone 5 / 6

Arrived: 2008-04-22
Found under: theme, skin, leopard, mac

» Leopard OS X theme Description

OS X Leopard Theme for landscape smartphones

How to install the OS X Leopard Theme:
  1. Download the Theme ZIP file using the above link
  2. Unzip the Theme ZIP file
  3. Copy the contents of the Theme ZIP file to /Application Data/Home/ on your Blackjack 2.
  4. On your Blackjack 2, navigate to: Start > Settings > Display > Home Screen
  5. Set “Home screen layout” to “OS X Leopard”
  6. Set “Color scheme” to “Default”
  7. Set “Background Image” to “OS X Leopard”
  8. Hit “Done” and go back to your Home Screen.

the Leopard OS X theme free for your smartphone

» Comments

Tue22Apr at 8:34 pm
theo wrote...
works great on my HTC Dash!
Wed23Apr at 2:40 pm
josh wrote...
hey theo how did you get it to work on your HTC Dash - I have the HTC touch, and I am sending to my phone via bluetooth cuz I have a mac......gets to my phone OK, but that is it....
Wed23Apr at 3:55 pm
Manbat wrote...
Also works on Verizon thing I have discovered about the Q9m. Simple homescreens, color schemes and background images DO NOT HAVE TO BE PLACED in Application Data\Home. Just put them in the "root" of the SD Card...Settings will find them. This helps save device storage memory and allows all the simple home screens, color schemes and background images you want. Just in the "root" . Don't place in a file. Happy Homescreens, Manbat
Wed23Apr at 3:59 pm
Manbat wrote...
TO JOSH.....The touch is a Pocket PC....Dash is a SmartPhone. This Homescreen is for SmartPhones. Will not work in Touch Screens. Manbat
Thu24Apr at 3:58 pm
david wrote...
Please visit to download this theme. I created the theme and have requested that stop scraping my site for content.
Thu24Apr at 7:26 pm
david wrote...
Erm - make that "please visit" ..
Sat26Apr at 1:17 am
meee wrote...
will this work on an AT&T 8525?
Sat26Apr at 10:38 am
david wrote...
meee - This theme works on any WM6 Standard phone (non-touchscreen 320x240) -- so No, it does not work on the AT&T 8525.
Fri2May at 12:50 pm
james dean wrote...
i put it on my htc dash but everytime i put the osx image in background i get an error message does anybody have any resolutions for this problem
Mon5May at 4:50 am
mike wrote...
Fri9May at 7:48 am
crazy ppl wrote...
where did u get zip file application?
Mon2Jun at 9:02 pm
george wrote...
Doesn't work on the original BlackJack (or, possibly, any other WM5 Smartphone)
Tue10Jun at 2:08 pm
Gabe wrote...
Works fine on my Original Blackjack...
Tue1Jul at 8:02 pm
Jordan wrote...
Its not showing up in my homescreen settings for my blackjack. help?
Fri1Aug at 3:37 pm
JAcob wrote...
ok its not working on my blackjack 1 e-mail me 2 help
Wed27Aug at 2:15 pm
matt wrote...
guys help me out please what am i doing wrong? i unzip the file and then i cant do anything please help. im stuck
Thu2Oct at 9:39 am
Jady wrote...
works great on my new palm treo 500v! thx!
Thu2Oct at 6:39 pm
Jady wrote...
... but it doesn't give me the right time "pm" or "am" - there are only the numbers to see - so what can I do :( has anybody an idea? thx!
Sat4Oct at 12:32 pm
p_nair wrote...
anyone how to install on palm 500v? i can't findApplication Data/Home/
Sat4Oct at 12:58 pm
p_nair wrote...
i found the Application Data/Home/. unzip my files; copy one by one from my files to Application Data/Home/. but cant find it in homescreen.. pls help
Fri24Oct at 3:47 pm
dave wrote...
works great on my alltel moto q
Fri16Jan at 7:16 pm
Matt wrote...
I can't figure out how to install this on my Moto Q anyone help please?
Sat31Jan at 1:52 pm
Jared wrote...
Is there anyway i can get a copy of the background imag? So i can customize it to have the same "appearance" as OS X Leopard, but with a different image in the background of the background lol...
Sat7Feb at 9:43 am
josh wrote...
i love this site
Sun22Feb at 6:22 pm
Omar wrote...
Dude I Do What It Says In The Description But It Dosen't Work. What Am I Doing Wrong?
Wed19Aug at 4:30 pm
Tracey wrote...
Works great on my Samsung BlackjackII
Tue29Sep at 10:16 pm
david wrote...
this theme kicks ass, it works great on my motorola q9h... Awesome work!!!!
Wed11Nov at 8:54 am
Dony wrote...
Works and looks great on my Samsung Code. Thanks.
Sat12Dec at 8:11 am
Pablo Quintero wrote...
So googd
Sat27Mar at 7:51 pm
Allan Stott wrote...
would this work on winmo 5? how do i get it working?
Mon10Jan at 5:20 pm
michael wrote...
Thu5May at 12:54 pm
nessa wrote...
works perfectly on my dash 3g!!



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