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» LightCommunicator

Summary: LightCommunicator makes your device's screen blink in a particular style.

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2007-12-13
Found under: screen, blink, torch, light, car

» LightCommunicator Description

LightCommunicator makes your device's screen blink in a particular style. It has different types of blinking like car mode, party mode and max illumination which works like a torch.

the LightCommunicator free for your smartphone

» Comments

Thu13Dec at 6:37 pm
cs law wrote...
cannot work for mine HTC p3600i!
Sat15Dec at 5:23 am
Gianluca Pavesi wrote...
ciao cipollino
Sat15Dec at 11:25 pm
wes house wrote...
brightness is not changed on the i607 blackjack
Wed26Dec at 8:59 am
javed wrote...
i want to download
Wed2Jan at 10:30 pm
Annunaki wrote...
Does not work on Moto Q. Installs fine, but there is no way to make it do much of anything except show the main program screen.
Wed16Jan at 3:32 pm
Francisco Viana wrote...
When you open de application you have to select on numeric, keyboard ( 1 , 2 , our 3) If you do not press any button notting will be appear on screen I have one Q9 to and it works very well. Regards Francisco Viana
Thu14Feb at 9:11 am
lety wrote...
Hope it works.
Tue20May at 2:12 pm
jackal wrote...
tried to install it on my dash an error pops up saying its not a valid windows ce programs. couldnt get any futher.
Thu30Oct at 2:02 am
fred danti wrote...
party light 1
Fri4Dec at 11:44 am
mrbcross wrote...
It works on the Moto Q9C. Love it. You have to press the numbers for the one that you want to see. It works wonderfully. Wish there were more of a color selection.



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