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» Magic Bubble v1.0

Summary: Free game that combines Tetris and Columns for a good action/reflexion game.

Windows Mobile 5.0
Windows Mobile 6.0

Arrived: 2007-12-09
Found under: games, puzzle, bubbles

» Magic Bubble v1.0 Description

This free game combines Tetris and Columns for a good action/reflexion game. You must align bubbles to make combination and make new highscores. As soon as at least 3 bubbles ot same color are connected, all the other color connected bubbles disappear. Perform chain combo to multiply your score, and don't forget to use bombs and time bonus!


- 2 difficulty levels.
- Easy playing with touchscreen, stylus and keypad.
- Support every screen size (176 x 220, 240 x 240, 240 x 320, 320 x 240, 320 x 320, 640 x 480 etc...).
- Game view can be doubled for a better gaming experience.
- Multi-language version.
- Available on Windows Mobile Smartphone, Pocket PC 5 and 6. See list of supported devices.

the Magic Bubble v1.0 free for your smartphone

Made by: Manbolo

» Comments

Thu13Dec at 9:10 am
Dannie Boi wrote...
Nice. Wish the game was longer and had more levels though
Sat26Jan at 8:34 am
emre wrote...
Tue1Apr at 6:55 am
Luca Ligozzi wrote...
Thu25Sep at 2:42 pm
tricia wrote...
hi, I dont know how to open this game on my phone. I have a blackjack 11.
Sat18Feb at 7:21 am
gulshan wrote...
To download a game
Wed3Oct at 11:59 pm
Camelya wrote...
as a windows mibole developer I am not going to use windows 7 phone too many limitations and most developers are sticking to wm6 or going android. android devices are much cheaper and easier to source than the very few and costly wm7 devices.



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