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» Microsoft GPSID

Summary: Utility that lets you configure your Smartphone's GPS Intermediary Driver (GPSID)

Windows Mobile 5.0
Windows Mobile 6 Standard

Arrived: 2008-01-11
Found under: gps, utilities, settings

» Microsoft GPSID Description

Microsoft GPSID is utility that lets you configure your Smartphone's GPS Intermediary Driver (GPSID).

It turns out that a GPSID configuration utility that exactly mirrors the Pocket PC version is nestling away in the 'Tools' directory of the Windows Mobile 6 Standard SDK Refresh! If you're a BlackJack II owner, a Motorola Q9H owner or basically anyone wanting to configure GPS on a Smartphone, then you NEED this utility!

the Microsoft GPSID free for your smartphone

» Comments

Fri11Jan at 6:42 am
James wrote...
The download link doesn't work.
Fri11Jan at 6:15 pm
oluseye wrote...
can it work with t-mobile dash and the download link is not working.
Wed16Jan at 5:04 am
Michael wrote...
This program DOES NOT work on a Motorola Q (Windows Mobile 5). I had to do a hard reset to get rid of it.
Sat19Jan at 3:18 am
Aditya wrote...
Will it work on Motorola Q9
Tue22Jan at 3:09 pm
Glenn wrote...
Aditya, It should. I installed it on my Q9h
Thu7Feb at 8:23 am
amri wrote...
Sat16Feb at 2:37 pm
Greg wrote...
can't down load off my smart phone which makes my HTC-s710 a stupid phone
Mon3Mar at 6:38 pm
Diabell wrote... This is working link to Modaco forum.
Wed5Mar at 2:24 pm
Smartphone Freeware wrote...
The download link is fixed now ! thank for the report Diabell !
Sun16Mar at 3:10 pm
Jeff wrote...
It DOESN'T run on a Motorola Q9m. It fails with a registry error on every setup attempt.
Sun30Mar at 3:40 am
txt me if you have a solution? wrote...
this link wont download on mu motoQ with wm5 i cant figure out how to work the links site either soooo help any1?
Thu12Jun at 6:04 pm
Guille wrote...
I just downloaded the Microsoft GPSID utility into my BlackJack II. I tried finding my position in Windows Live Search but it never connected. Is there a combination of GPS settings I need to use to make it work out? Or an ideal combination if settings?
Wed30Jul at 9:49 am
Larry Gernhart wrote...
I have downloaded the program to my motorola q 9h it is configured but how do you use the gps function? Do you need another program? Thanks
Sat30Aug at 1:04 pm
Lloyd wrote...
You must already have a GPS chip on your phone for this to be of any use. It will not add GPS capabilities to a phone that does not have the actual chip. As far as settings go, I have a Moto Q9 Global and used the following settings: Program Port: Com 3 Hardware port: None Harware port baud rate: 9600 Manage Automatically: Yes (check the box) These settings may be different for other phones, but they work fine with the Q9 Global
Mon6Apr at 9:59 pm
Gobegee wrote...
It won't uninstall cleanly. Some of the files are write-protected.
Mon4May at 6:58 pm
david wilson wrote...
i used it on motorola q i did as loyd wrote in his comment for his moto q9 and no more error goes all let you know if google maps now work
Fri4Nov at 10:23 pm
Cash wrote...
Keep on writing and cuhgging away!
Thu19Jan at 2:31 am
Deon wrote...
We definitely need more smart people like you aurond.



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