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» MobiReg

Summary: This is small registry editor which supports supports creating and editing of string, binary, DWord (32-bit), QWord (64-bit), multi-string and expandable-string data types.

Windows Mobile Smartphone
.NET Compact Framework 2.0 installed

Arrived: 2009-04-24
Found under: registry, utilities, edit

» MobiReg Description

MobiReg is a small registry editor which supports supports creating and editing of string, binary, DWord (32-bit), QWord (64-bit), multi-string and expandable-string data types.

Additionally to that, there is support for both Smartphone (Windows Mobile Classic) and Pocket PC (Windows Mobile Professional) platform in single executable.

One of features that may help you to decide whether to use it or not is support for both import and export of registry in standard .reg file.

To use this program you need .NET Compact Framework 2.0 installed on your machine.

For more info please check the developer website

the MobiReg free for your smartphone

» Comments

Sat9May at 5:00 pm
avinash wrote...
very good application for mobile registry editing
Sun24Jan at 10:47 am
Fayyadh wrote...
Very nice app, work great on my Samsung omniaPro B7320
Mon15Mar at 2:52 pm
Payam wrote...
The only Free Registry editor that worked on my HTC HD2.
Thu8Apr at 4:33 pm
HTC Leo wrote...
This is the ONLY tool, that crashed my HTC HD2 - LEO. Every other program runs fine and without problem. No crashes, no freezes. When I installed Mobireg, my phone crashed on next softreset, and refused to boot. I did NOT change anything in registry, just installed Mobireg. Because my phone didn't boot anymore, I had to hardreset, very bad :-/ And trust me, I tried everything from soft reset, battery removal, etc. Nothing worked except hard reset. Bad programming, I CAN NOT RECOMMEND IT !
Thu8Apr at 4:35 pm
Steven wrote...
agree! this program killed my htc. bad software!
Sun25Mar at 2:01 am
nana wrote...
gmail calendar & mbloie sync has a very irritating bug. everytime you sync.1) an error code with support code: 0 86000106 appears2) birthdays in contact shifts by 1 or 2 days automitically!any idea if birthdays/anniversaries maintained in gmail contacts is auto-uploaded into google calendar?
Sat14Jul at 6:25 am
didier wrote...



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