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» moBlue v2.0

Summary: moBlue is a bluetooth application that makes your WM device able to save incoming bluetooth file transfers to whatever location.

Windows Mobile Smartphone 5 / 6

Arrived: 2008-03-14
Found under: bluetooth, file, transfer, filter

» moBlue v2.0 Description

moBlue is a bluetooth application that makes your WM device able to save incoming bluetooth file transfers to whatever location. There are some additional settings like file filters and auto switch bluetooth mode.

the moBlue v2.0 free for your smartphone

» Comments

Fri14Mar at 6:16 pm
Elias Villarreal wrote...
doesn't work on Moto Q9h (global)...unexpected error!
Fri14Mar at 11:43 pm
Manbat wrote...
Didn't work Moto (Verizon) Q9m....Newest software upgrade from Motorola allows selected bluetooth transfer location Q9m. If this program could be made to work...would be great...home screen shortcut.
Fri14Mar at 11:46 pm
n99hockey wrote...
no go on the WM5 verizon original Q either
Wed19Mar at 10:36 pm
shodip wrote...
Sun23Mar at 1:43 pm
Scott wrote...
No go on Sprint Moto Q 9c
Mon24Mar at 11:04 am
sean washington wrote...
worked on my T-mobile wing by HTC only problem I had was I was unable to change the save location and it made my task manager disappear. my phone also froze up once, so I removed it
Sat29Mar at 6:22 pm
Jeremy wrote...
It did not work for my T-Mobile Wing. I saw where someone said it worked with wm6.1. What website do you go to get it?
Sun3Aug at 5:30 am
huynh wrote...
Thu9Oct at 12:46 am
Marvin wrote...
I try it in a T-mobile SDA wm5.1, I configure the transfers to the storage card, bud all the beams goes to the usual default directory for transfers in the phone (my documents)so this program don´t do nothing more than the standard phone´s bluetooth file transfer protocol
Thu11Jun at 1:18 am
Rick D. Michaels wrote...
I can't get any files to save to my STORAGE CARD even though I SET It to save to STORAGE CARD. This program does not work very well....WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT....FIX the PROGRAM GUYS!



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