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» Mologogo

Summary: Mologogo is a free service that will track you and your friends using GPS-enabled mobile phones

* Windows Mobile 5.0
* Windows Mobile 6 Standard

Arrived: 2008-05-07
Found under: GPS, tracking, navigation, location

» Mologogo Description

Mologogo is a free service that will track you and your friends using GPS-enabled Windows Mobile phones.

Use Mologogo to:

* See where you are and where you've been
* Keep track of friends, kids, employees, and vehicles
* Share your location info on blogs or web pages
* Post your location to Twitter/Yahoo Fire Eagle or your own server
* Find your phone if it's lost or stolen by simply sending an SMS to your phone
* And whatever else you dream up...
* Oh yeah, and did we mention it's FREE!

the Mologogo free for your smartphone

Made by: mologogo

» Comments

Thu8May at 9:51 pm
juanma... wrote...
i dont know how to install programs without running the .exe application so can someone please explain it to me? i will be very grateful
Sat10May at 5:42 am
shan wrote...
do i need the internet to use this?
Sat10May at 8:27 pm
Bryan wrote...
Juanma if you wish to install an exe file onto your mobile it should be connected with your active sync cable to you're computer click the exe file from where it's on you're computer en check your mobile wil ask for permission to install software onto you're device . if you've have a CAB file it should be installed directly from the device so this means once you've downloded the software you want as a CAB file drag the file while being connected with the active sync cable to the device or the storage card of the device ..then tab on you're device and scroll through the explorer to the position where you've put the CAB file in and tab the file to install ...good luck :)
Sun11May at 1:34 am
Dakota wrote...
Crashes when I try to start it.
Mon12May at 5:01 pm
mobius wrote...
Great program, i used it on a boost phone to track my car, but now I have a wm phone. Installs fine on my sprint q9c, just can't get the internal gps to work, anyone else having luck with this?
Thu22May at 11:15 pm
cutie wrote...
do you have to have gps on your phone in order to use this?
Sun15Jun at 5:45 am
ivan wrote...
I will try it out...
Sun15Jun at 2:38 pm
whosit ?! wrote...
Haven't tried this out yet, nut if your having problems with the GPS on a Windows mobile smart phone, you need to unlock comm port 4 using this: This is for the blackjack 2. If you do not have the blackjack 2 this should at least point you in the right direction.
Wed1Oct at 10:07 pm
su vang wrote...
just something new to have.
Wed22Oct at 10:02 am
amanda smith wrote...
need activation code
Sat28Feb at 9:12 pm
Chris wrote...
If you have mologogo working, you can also track straight into this site its free and you can create as many accounts under your own as you wish.
Mon27Sep at 1:28 am
Isaac wrote...
Tue9Aug at 4:56 pm
amanda wrote...
Just cant wait to use it. See if I can trust my family
Tue9Aug at 4:56 pm
amanda wrote...
Just cant wait to use it. See if I can trust my family
Fri22Jun at 11:13 am
debbie wrote...
Let me try it first



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