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» MortgageCALC v1.5

Summary: With advanced analytical functions MortgageCALC for Windows Mobile is the standout Loan Calculator for the property or finance professional.

Windows Mobile Smartphone 5 / 6

Arrived: 2008-10-30
Found under: money, mortgage, calculator, utilities, manager, loan

» MortgageCALC v1.5 Description

With advanced analytical functions MortgageCALC for Windows Mobile is the standout Loan Calculator for the property or finance professional.

MortgageCALC for Windows Mobile has the usual "standard" loan calculator functions, plus:-
  • Interest compounding periods options of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annual,
  • Repayment frequency option of Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Semi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annually,
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, or Annual loan fee calculations,
  • Interest only calculations,
  • Loan simulation/amortisation calculations,
  • Graphing of amortisation calculations,
  • Comparisons,
  • More…

the MortgageCALC v1.5 free for your smartphone

» Comments

Wed26Nov at 1:37 am
pkpkpk wrote...
Great software if I could enter more than a one digit number in the fields. Using Windows Mobile 6.1 on a Samsung BlackJack II.
Tue2Dec at 11:52 am
sunil wrote...
lovely site..keep uploading new softwares..specially the online tv and radio one
Thu18Dec at 11:35 am
Shirish Bakre wrote...
You'r doing agreat job keep it up. Thanks
Thu1Jan at 7:57 pm
Jeremy wrote...
This looks like a great little app with nice features, but I can't enter anything into the input fields with my Tmobile shadow (aka HTC Juno).
Sat10Jan at 6:35 pm
Chuck wrote...
Theres an update of this software on XDAdev, said to be a fix for Blackjack II. Might now work on Juno as well?
Sat4Jun at 9:32 am
Malcolm Ong wrote...
cant download it.
Sat24Mar at 10:35 pm
Eunice wrote...
Hey wondering if you can help me. I just moved to t-mobile, I have the data gkpaace, and have been connecting my phone to laptop via the data cable. I think I have everything configured correctly, and even seem to connect to the network. The problem is that when I try to go anywhere (i.e. via the web) it seems to try for a bit and then stops. Any hints on what I might be doing wrong?you can respond to me at



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