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» MXit

Summary: MXit is a FREE instant messaging application for your mobile phone and PCs.

Windows Mobile 6 Standard

Arrived: 2009-05-12
Found under: Communication, conversation, chat, messages

» MXit Description


MXit is a FREE instant messaging application for your mobile phone and PCs. This means that you can chat to other MXit users on their mobiles and PCs, anywhere in the world, for FREE.

It enables you to send and receive text messages to and from mobile phones and PCs via the Internet using GPRS or 3G, rather than by using standard SMS technology. So each time you chat you are allowed up to 1000 characters at a fraction of the cost of an SMS! MXit enables you to exchange messages with other users or most other online chat communities - anywhere, anytime!

Communication has never been easier.

In addition to basic chat services, MXit offers loads of other ways to express yourself on your mobile phone. Meet people, play games, customize your phone. The fun starts at Tradepost - a contact that was automatically added to your contact list when you registered with MXit. Send a blank message to Tradepost to see what's on offer.

the MXit free for your smartphone

Made by: MXit Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd

» Comments

Sun24May at 9:40 am
mahamoud Abdillahi wrote...
I am very delighted to be members,Thanks
Fri19Jun at 8:04 am
damn ga wrote...
mxit is about making friends and relaxing mind. its like a game.
Sun12Jul at 10:26 am
DAVHANA MG wrote...
Wed7Oct at 10:17 am
thaba wrote...
Tue23Feb at 2:28 pm
zumeika wrote...
Wed23Jun at 9:20 pm
koos wrote...
pls help me i am trying to download mxit but it always telling that error
Wed23Jun at 9:22 pm
koos wrote...
pls help me i am trying to download mxit but it always telling that error
Tue29Jun at 11:51 am
melvin wrote...
i keep getting a 404 error message when trying to load mxit,i have a samsung i600 blackjack
Thu8Jul at 1:55 am
Peace wrote...
I always get a 404 error nsg whn i try to download mxit. I hv a Sony Erricsson X1
Mon19Jul at 9:59 am
lazarus nkuna wrote...
it keeps giving me error 403-unorthorised to view page
Tue20Jul at 2:57 am
Nicole wrote...
Sun25Jul at 3:53 pm
marawaan wrote...
retail manager
Sun25Jul at 3:55 pm
marawaan wrote...
retail manager
Tue27Jul at 8:21 am
lawrence wrote...
sorry to say that this site is disgusting and borring every thing in this site is not supported for windows mobile stuffs.i will never visit it unless if they can improve it.
Sat31Jul at 8:49 pm
VICKY wrote...
Sun22Aug at 11:06 am
asdfghjkl wrote...
I cant download this Mxit!
Wed1Sep at 12:41 am
lebo dee wrote...
this site ain't dope i visited this site 4 weeks back n again today hoping that everything is fixed bta nda is fixed NXA this sucks .. hw cn i download this mxit ppl im using HTC S360 WINDOWS MOBILE SMARTPHONE..
Mon13Sep at 1:47 pm
mill wrote...
tryin 2faka dis thn
Sun31Oct at 10:06 am
Ntha wrote...
I get an error evritym i try 2 login 2 mxit.
Sun31Oct at 1:54 pm
katlehok wrote...
i need i am tring to danload mixt but is telling me error
Sun31Oct at 2:04 pm
katleho wrote...
i cant danload mixt i need help its always me error conection
Tue23Nov at 3:39 pm
sam1 wrote...
Tue23Nov at 3:48 pm
sam12 wrote...
Tue30Nov at 2:51 pm
lucillebergh wrote...
Tue18Jan at 10:23 pm
bonbani wrote...
i'm good
Tue3May at 5:55 am
Buhle wrote...
I cant log on to mixit and i think iv opened more than 4 accounts plz help.
Wed8Feb at 11:01 am
jaime wrote...
i love mixit it keeps me conected with friend with out it im lost
Wed29Feb at 10:52 pm
Thandiwe wrote...
not trying to disregard the fact that u are tryingwit al means to to this site penetratedable but can you try and inform us wats gng on and as users wat can we do to make it easier for us.
Sun25Mar at 7:52 pm
Karla wrote...
Hi,The most popular one by far is the free clenacer from clenacer.comIt is fully configurable and very good but as always make a backup of your registry by exporting the registry before making any changes.Use regedit in the command line (search box with Vista).Arnak
Thu11Oct at 4:31 am
mudiaga wrote...
gud mud



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