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» My Mobiler v1.0

Summary: View your mobile screen on your desktop monitor and control with your keyboard and mouse. My Mobiler provides: - View your mobile screen on your desktop. - Control your mobile by using desktop keyboard and mouse. - Copy/Paste text betwe...

Windows Mobile Smartphone
Windows desktop PC

Arrived: 2007-09-12
Found under: utilities, desktop

» My Mobiler v1.0 Description

View your mobile screen on your desktop monitor and control with your keyboard and mouse.

My Mobiler provides:
- View your mobile screen on your desktop.
- Control your mobile by using desktop keyboard and mouse.
- Copy/Paste text between mobile and desktop.
- Capture mobile screen.
- Drag and files to your mobile.
- Requires ActiveSync connection.

the My Mobiler v1.0 free for your smartphone

» Comments

Wed12Sep at 1:11 pm
Kristina wrote...
The download link is dead.
Thu13Sep at 8:20 am
hensem wrote...
Fri14Sep at 7:55 am
Ed Hughes wrote...
For the quick short time using this. I am enjoying it. The key board is the most effective for moving through screens. The mouse seemed to leave some dragging on the screen. But I really like this one. Good Job to the developer. & Thanks
Sun16Sep at 8:24 pm
olymo wrote...
Downloaded with http web address with no problem. Also installed and ran with no problem although it seems a little slow.
Wed26Sep at 6:43 am
rakesh wrote...
It is very useful software like projection media
Fri28Sep at 9:54 am
tcoop wrote...
When I try to run, I get the alert, " " is not a valid Windows CE Application. ????
Wed10Oct at 9:58 am
egysaint wrote...
this is very very very cool tool, you can completly control your smart phone thourgh your pc seding sms is fun through your pc
Sat13Oct at 7:48 pm
BMinFC wrote...
This is absolutely awesome! For one thing, Microsoft OneNote isn't two-way synchronizable yet, but I used My Mobiler to simply copy something from my PC OneNote and paste it straight into my PDA's notes! I can't wait to see what else it will come in handy for, but I'm psyched about it! Thanks!
Wed17Oct at 5:22 pm
lodini wrote...
O.S.M.E , Perfect software, it helped me alot specially in writing SMS's THANKS
Mon29Oct at 9:24 am
Rizwan wrote...
love it
Wed12Dec at 2:48 pm
Mike wrote...
I tried to install the "classical way" by moving the program by means of the ActivSync Explore function onto the smartphone system and then opening it in the smartphone file system: gave invalid PPC program. Finally, it worked by opening the file on the desktop PC (Windows XP Pro SP2), answering the questions & having the desktop install it onto the smartphone (Windows Mobile 6). Program saves me work as I can do everything from keyboard/mouse on large main screen. Nice work! I downloaded it from as hensem suggests.
Fri6Jun at 9:39 pm
NyeCiey wrote...
This tool is too cool for school! I Love It!
Tue18Nov at 8:54 am
geek wrote...
fantastic. Thanks. keep up the good work
Fri21Nov at 8:16 pm
coolmikeperry wrote...
Wow, muy bein! Now I can show my phone on my projector. This is great freeware. God Bless America.
Sat22Nov at 11:45 pm
Mootus Bilgewether wrote...
Works great. Very convenient. Time saver.
Sat21Mar at 12:09 am
Robert wrote...
lol hahah this thing is wicked....its cool...way cool....i can even move my mouse cursor over to my blackjacks screen...(windows thinks its an extended monitor, sweet),,,its totally cool
Wed23Sep at 2:32 pm
will wrote...
damn this app is awesome !!!
Tue30Mar at 6:30 pm
Mountain Man wrote...
This is AWESOME. I live in the mountains, with absolutely no internet connection of WIFI signal within miles- but my METROPCS smartphone does get a good cellular internet connection.. So I just plug my laptop into my phone, and fullscreen the OPERA mini browser in my phone on my laptop- VIOLA!! Its not half bad speed wise. Very comparable to the Iphones browsing speed. Extremely impressed.
Tue30Mar at 6:34 pm
Mountain Man wrote...
Oh- I forgot, being able to play smartphone games fullscreen on a PC screen is a huuuge bonus too! Mavec online!
Tue15Jun at 9:29 am
Rocker300 wrote...
Is this available for windows CE applications?
Thu19Aug at 11:50 pm
Roland wrote...
Great application!! works great in my windows 6.1 smartphone. Thanks a lot!
Thu6Dec at 8:02 am
Moniza wrote...
Thanks for sharing. Always good to find a real eexprt.



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