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» My Smartphone Wallet v1.0

Summary: Store in a secure way your credentials, backup or restore the database.

Windows Mobile Smartphone/Standard edition 5 , 6

Arrived: 2009-12-17
Found under: wallet, database, secure

» My Smartphone Wallet v1.0 Description

My Smartphone Wallet is a freeware mobile application designed to store in a secure way your credit card information and web sites credentials, very simple and easy to use. It has a windows client as well so you can edit your entries and backup or restore the database.

* Password protected access to credit cards information and site credentials
* Encrypts all entries using 128-bit Hash and 40-bit Symmetric
* Stores all the information needed for online transactions
* Warns about expire dates
* Data file backup (restore is done by copy/paste to app dir)
* No phone dependencies, the data can be accessed on any WM5 or WM6 device with the rite password
* Small memory footprint (internal memory can be monitored using the \"Memory info\" function)

The credit card fields that are stored are:

1. Credit Type (Visa, MasterCard, etc)
2. Owner (the person name that owns the card)
3. Bank name
4. Card number
5. Card CVV/CVC/CID Code (Security code on the back of the card, not all types has it)
6. Expiration date
7. Card PIN (Used for money redraw at the ATM)
8. Lost phone number (any card has it)
9. Notes (extra data that you can add like currency and such)

The web site fields that are stored are:

1. URL
2. User
3. Password
4. Notes (extra data that you can add like email)

If you use this app and have any thoughts post a comment at at the developer site

the My Smartphone Wallet v1.0 free for your smartphone

Made by: Nox Software

» Comments

Thu27May at 10:38 am
Michael wrote...
Sun7Aug at 12:57 am
Vijaykumar Nair wrote...
smart appplication for windows mobile 6.1



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