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» Photo Dialer for smartphone

Summary: Photo Dialer shows you a "list" of your Photo Dialer people with their photo's in your Home screen. In order to use this feature just assign photos or any other images to your contacts.You can scroll through the Photo Dialer by using the left/right function with the joystick. In the sleep mode the a...

Arrived: 2006-10-25
Found under: dialer, photo, plugin, homescreen

» Photo Dialer for smartphone Description

Photo Dialer shows you a "list" of your Photo Dialer people with their photo's in your Home screen. In order to use this feature just assign photos or any other images to your contacts.
You can scroll through the Photo Dialer by using the left/right function with the joystick. In the sleep mode the application shows small thumb nails of your favourite people photos.


 Photo dialer feature list:

Call your favourite people with two clicks only
See photos of you favourite contacts directly on the home screen
Add as many contacts to you favourite people caller list
Fully animated graphical selector
Smooth integration in the Home screen
Fully compatible with outlook contact pictures
Automatically synchronizes your categorized contacts from the PC



In order to install V2R Photo dialer plug in for WM 2005 Smartphones just download the cab file.

In the next step just copy the file with MS ActiveSync to your device and and run the cab file.

For more information just read the Help file which you will find the Photo dialer setup in the Start folder.

the Photo Dialer for smartphone free for your smartphone

» Comments

Thu26Oct at 1:34 am
big shel wrote...
wonderful program
Mon30Oct at 2:02 pm
big shel wrote...
great 4 tmo sda
Fri10Nov at 2:15 am
jack wrote...
hey. the link is broken. Please fix
Mon13Nov at 9:08 am
Adrian wrote...
Cool program, i like the graphics, here is the exact link: or just go to and select products>photodialer
Mon20Nov at 1:58 pm
George Dimoff wrote...
Download link is fixed now !
Sun10Dec at 10:08 pm
suro wrote...
Tue12Dec at 5:56 am
ereserbabyboy wrote...
Thu25Jan at 2:53 pm
Tami wrote...
Phone dialer is asking me to register. Until I do, it wont let me use it any longer. Do you have the code?
Tue27Feb at 11:19 am
nikunj wrote...
not workin in my o2xda mobile ... tell me solution..?
Sun4Mar at 1:50 pm
leoB wrote...
Tue6Mar at 8:24 pm
ddh05e wrote...
if it ask me to register what do i put in for the registration code
Wed14Mar at 10:21 pm
Ariel Soltura wrote...
how do I find out the answers to the questions above... I need the registration code for photo dialer too
Sun18Mar at 4:28 am
dk qwan wrote...
please send me the registration code please
Wed4Apr at 8:07 am
PT.. wrote...
It's a SHAREWARE..... Bullshit
Tue24Apr at 5:44 am
I Detest Leeches wrote...
@all you retard leeches asking for a serial# handout: If you're not smart enough to get it regged on your own, then FUCKING BUY IT. Most WM developers are small companies or individuals.. if you use the product, support the author so that they can keep improving their product. Geez!
Sun6May at 3:28 pm
Pizza Boy wrote...
Shareware?!?!? This site is for FREEWARE!!!!
Tue29May at 7:23 am
kenneth lovett wrote...
i love freeware
Sun3Jun at 1:42 am
cnyeoh wrote...
Phone dialer is asking me to register!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mon2Jul at 11:40 pm
RikkieJar wrote...
very good
Sun9Sep at 11:22 pm
Ivchi wrote...
please send me the registration code please
Wed26Sep at 5:50 pm
Imani wrote...
Okay, I'm just confused, lol. How eggzactly does this work?
Mon22Oct at 2:27 pm
cesar wrote...
and the registation code is? help help
Tue19Feb at 4:42 pm
Ramk wrote...
Need the registration code for Photo Dialer for smartphone
Tue26Feb at 6:12 pm
badseed_inc wrote...
need a code... help got it working but still need the code...
Tue11Mar at 10:05 am
trev wrote...
It says can't open or load this file in my device.. I have a blackjack 2. Is there a newer version?
Sun30Mar at 8:46 am
Ross wrote...
Thu26Jun at 1:28 pm
micheal taylor wrote...
hey i need the registation code can u please send
Wed23Jul at 12:59 am
is cool
Wed13Aug at 3:32 am
dharmesh wrote...
veri best
Sun7Dec at 4:52 am
ajay wrote...
cool but need the registration code ,,, if some body hav pls pls pls ,, send to me,, i,, i will thank ful to them,,,
Fri12Jun at 12:30 pm
freaknasty713 wrote...
is this only for touch screen phones?it is not working for my shadow!
Sun14Jun at 12:59 am
rafi wrote...
i will try this i will see it works or not
Wed23Sep at 11:21 pm
sadsd wrote...
thank you
Thu15Dec at 11:38 pm
Keylon wrote...
Your article was ecxelelnt and erudite.
Sun26Aug at 10:02 pm
Rosa wrote...
It's a computer away from home. A deivce which can be developed for and to which you can add a variety of applications in order to make it more productive for you and/or your business. It has to be capable of running some sort of Office Suit.
Wed29Aug at 5:43 am
Alphi wrote...
Help, I've been inforemd and I can't become ignorant.



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