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» Pigeon!

Summary: PIGEON! is the first ever PDA messenger to combine all following features as well as advantages they bring into messaging

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2010-01-13
Found under: chat, im, icq, client, diamond

» Pigeon! Description


We proudly state that PIGEON! is the first ever PDA messenger to combine all following features as well as advantages they bring into messaging:

* Finger-friendly interface which is intuitively-clear therefore that’s easy to chat on the run.
* Ultimate compatibility with different Windows Mobile Professional and Smartphone devices and screen resolutions.
* Amazingly low system requirements: only 500KB RAM and ROM added to superior workspeed even on 200MHz devices.
* Compatible with the most of additional hardware keyboards for PDAs and smartphones.
* Built-in spam filter
* Full support of UNICODE.
* Support of various instant messaging
services: ICQ, XMPP, Jabber and GTalk. MSN is on its way to join these!

Well, these are the most important ones though PIGEON! just wouldn’t be itself if not the following:

* Various color schemes and skins
* Downloadable smiley packs
* Three languages are available: Russian, English and German, Czech.
* Lots of additional settings – from pop-up window to keyboard controls.

the Pigeon! free for your smartphone

Made by: Developer e-mail

» Comments

Tue18Aug at 6:33 am
904488 wrote...
This is really a great software. Works great on my S730.
Mon31Aug at 2:12 pm
resume wrote...
good software
Sun6Dec at 12:19 am
Eben wrote...
I would to msn on in the pigeon. thanks
Sat12Mar at 11:54 am
norluis wrote...
lo instale y estoy conectado pero no se como agregar los contactos exactamente como hago?
Fri6May at 9:09 pm
noino wrote...
Thu18Aug at 1:19 am
Maralynn wrote...
Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet article. Lol thakns
Thu5Jan at 7:46 pm
miguel angel villasana wrote...
Esmui fasil
Sat23Jun at 1:59 pm
brino wrote...
Tue28Aug at 10:13 pm
Christy wrote...
I know you hate the keyboard Shaun but I still think the BIG sceren of the iPhone is the optimum form factor. I love the big sceren. I hate tiny hard to use keys of many hardware keyboards (eg Palm Pre). I also have a Blackberry and would prefer to type on this than the iphone but the difference isnt so big and I'll sacrifice that for the bigger sceren.Sid
Thu30Aug at 2:49 am
Yakup wrote...
Right now it has a few bugs but then that is what Beta testing is for. Ask all the quiosetns you want so we don't miss anything and I can test everything out. It's important to the Community that this works once it goes final right?Ask away!



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