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» Pocket Islam 5.0

Summary: Arabic Holy Quran with tashkil, translation and recitation. Hadith in Arabic, Athan, Prayer table, Prayer schedule, Qibla, Moon and Hijri calendar, Islamic events & Holidays and Today Screen

Arrived: 2005-08-01
Found under: Literature, Religion, Today screen plugins

» Pocket Islam 5.0 Description

Arabic Holy Quran with tashkil, english translation and recitation. Now you can listen while you are reading. Or listen while you are driving. Athan and recitation before the Athan even when the device is off. Also, This software contains Hadith in Arabic, Prayer table, Prayer schedule , Hijri Calendar and Hijri to Georgian conversion, Qibla according to your location and position of the sun. Furthermore, it contains lunar calendar, moon age and Islamic Holidays Added to your calendar. Finally, it support Today Screen plugig display to display the prayer time and date in Hijri and to control the Azan voice. Enjoy it and please give us your feedback for imrpovements.

To download the full mp3 audio quran for Pocket Islam to your PDA Click Here

the Pocket Islam 5.0 free for your smartphone

» Comments

Wed13Dec at 7:41 am
Rhayel wrote...
pocket islam 5.0 for MDA III
Wed17Jan at 12:24 pm
Aaqib wrote...
i realy need it.
Wed31Jan at 1:12 pm
agungwah wrote...
it's really cool we (me and my wife) use it in our O2
Sat31Mar at 10:16 am
atif wrote...
i need it so much
Thu26Apr at 11:44 am
ahmed wrote...
hi there ; i have an samsung Z500V mobile , want download free islamic pocket , adhane , quran ..... my tel / 00213 53200522 waiting for
Sat9Jun at 5:59 am
faiyaz wrote...
thnx a lot for the software
Thu14Jun at 2:25 am
sufiyan wrote...
thanks for keeping these applications
Wed20Jun at 10:32 am
abdullahi yusuf wrote...
may Allah reward you with aljannah
Thu12Jul at 7:35 pm
Abdul wrote...
good gesture
Sun2Sep at 2:22 pm
amjad wrote...
thanx for such a nice software
Thu6Sep at 10:26 pm
rfan H ashmi wrote...
salam alaikum, i have Imate Pda pocket pc mobbile i want to download complete quran in my mobile, plz help me
Sat8Sep at 6:46 am
Mohamed wrote...
salaam brothers, i have a SPV E200 but the pocket islam 5.0 doesnt work on my device. when i try to install it it says that the software isn't compitable for my phone. what can i do to resolve it? Or is there an other version. please help??? Thanx in advance.
Sun23Sep at 10:13 pm
rachmat wrote...
it didn't work at my 595 dopod,
Thu4Oct at 12:07 am
irfan wrote...
salaam Mohamed i know it doesnt seems to work on my spv c500 as well, is there any one who can help us install this great product. JizakAllah
Sat6Oct at 4:15 am
lejlan wrote...
selam alejkum
Wed17Oct at 8:38 am
Adeel wrote...
Wed17Oct at 8:44 am
Adeel wrote...
Sun21Oct at 8:43 am
Nouh wrote...
Didnt work on the HTC P3600 either, and also the uninstall didnt clear the program out completely
Thu20Dec at 8:50 pm
azad wrote...
Wed26Dec at 1:18 am
Atif Wahab wrote...
Jazaakallah Khair
Wed30Jan at 1:29 pm
akram wrote...
salam fratelli programma molto utile
Mon17Mar at 2:39 am
omar wrote...
i cant install the islampocket in my samsang i620v plz help
Thu1May at 8:51 am
Hafil wrote...
Islam is best riligoian.
Tue2Sep at 7:39 am
Green Kufi wrote...
Does this work on Windows Mobile 6 Standard (i.e., non-touch screen) WM6? I'm using Samsung Blackjack 2 SGH-i617.
Sun28Sep at 12:47 pm
imran wrote...
ASAK, is there an Quran Software that contains Quranic Text as well as the recitation of it. I have an N72 mobile phone. Do you have an idea about such a software which is compatible for my phone.
Mon6Oct at 8:18 am
Ehsin malik wrote...
i need this software
Mon3Nov at 10:15 pm
madharsha wrote...
assalamu alaikkum & jasakallahu khairan kaseera
Mon24Nov at 3:30 pm
younouss ba wrote...
great services for the diim of islam
Sat28Mar at 3:29 am
Sastro wrote...
how to install? since the file is not in CAB extension. I'm using Motorola q9h smartphone. Thanks.
Fri24Apr at 11:21 pm
Abdullah wrote...
How to install pocket islam in my windows mobile 6??? I have a HTC HD
Tue8Sep at 1:41 am
Zafar wrote...
Assalam Alaikum there, Is this grate software avialable for simbion v6 Mobile phone???? I need it very eagerly.
Fri30Oct at 1:24 pm
Lacroix wrote...
I've installed this on my HTC S740 (WM6.1, no touch screen) BUT the configurations will only stays for 'a while' then all forlders on Pocket Islam cannot be found. Infact, deleting this program will be a problem cause the uninstall program can't find the directory.
Fri11Dec at 7:26 pm
skumi wrote...
This software cannot accept for my HTC Touch Cruise, mentioned "not a valid pocket PC application, advice me how to do
Sun27Dec at 6:40 pm
WARDOYO wrote...
does it work for Motorola Q9 CDMA? really need this app.
Sat9Jan at 12:11 am
Khan wrote...
Does it work on HTC touch (Sprint)? Please advise before I download/install. Thanks
Fri29Jan at 8:36 pm
muhammad wrote...
Does it works on my motorola q 8 gsm if yes plz inform me thanking u
Fri12Mar at 7:12 am
Nora wrote...
LOVE IT!! Jazak Allah khair for such a great program. Works on Ipaq h4350
Wed30Jun at 2:42 pm
hamma1959 wrote...
windows mobile free
Sun1Aug at 12:36 am
eriyanto wrote...
i hope it's work on my samsung c6625
Thu12Aug at 8:48 pm
noushad wrote...
i really need it. searchin for a long time
Fri20Aug at 2:19 pm
Abhamada wrote...
it's great
Tue26Oct at 1:15 am
souidine1 wrote...
PLEASE, i need pocket islam for my blackberry torch 9800
Tue2Nov at 5:26 am
brian wrote...
Mon20Jun at 7:41 pm
i have been using pocket islam on my htc tytnii for several years and simply love it. but now i have switched to blackberry torch and can't seem to find any islamic software close to pocket islam. please, developers for pocket islam, please create one for blackberry users. we need it.
Tue5Jul at 12:56 am
amina wrote...
Is there software for blackberry?
Wed14Dec at 12:28 pm
Sharleena wrote...
I could read a book about this without finding such real-world apopraches!
Sat14Jan at 2:21 am
hassan wrote...
Sat28Jul at 1:07 am
abubakar wrote...
it is a good thing to have a qura especially a muslim
Sat28Jul at 1:14 am
adedoyin wrote...
it i ery useful to me



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