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» PocketMusic Player 0.98 Beta for Smartphone

Summary: Turn your Smartphone into great MP3 & OGG player with Equalizer, Extra Bass feature, Bookmarks feature, Storage Cards support, great Playlist Editor!

Arrived: 2004-11-10
Found under: pocketmusic, player, 098, beta, smartphone

» PocketMusic Player 0.98 Beta for Smartphone Description

PocketMusic for Smartphone PocketMusic Smartphone Edition


PocketMusic is the first alternative Music Player for Windows Powered Smartphone devices. With PocketMusic you will turn your Windows Powered Smartphone into great portable music player.

Key features::

MP3, OGG Vobis, MP1, MP2 support


Advanced Playlist Editor

Hardware buttons mapping options


10-band equalizer


18 presets for equalizer (Dance, Headphones, Live, Pop, Rock, others)


Extra-Bass feature

Bookmarks feature which allows you to listen to the audiobooks, recordered radio programs, lectures, DJ sets on your Smartphone


"Local content loading from specified folder" option

Various repeat and shuffle modes


Enjoy! :-)

See also:


Crazy Bubbles

Addictive game for Windows Smartphone devices with great graphics and sounds!

the PocketMusic Player 0.98 Beta for Smartphone free for your smartphone

» Comments

Fri22Dec at 3:32 pm
Boba wrote...
Sun28Jan at 9:05 am
serton wrote...
yok send the hair very good hop hop laylay lom
Thu22Feb at 3:39 am
iori wrote...
Sun13May at 5:34 pm
dark wrote...
very good
Tue5Jun at 2:29 am
jagan wrote...
verry good
Wed13Jun at 5:56 pm
bill wrote...
Thu21Jun at 1:37 pm
John wrote...
It's not really free, this is a free trial.
Thu12Jul at 10:31 pm
amir wrote...
Sat28Jul at 6:13 am
ramkumar wrote...
hi i need to download this software
Thu16Aug at 9:22 am
Mickkie wrote...
I really need this software
Thu30Aug at 10:01 pm
lhw2397 wrote...
Sun16Sep at 3:30 am
shivam gupta wrote...
Sat20Oct at 12:57 am
masw wrote...
when i,m install this software it,s "it,s not a windows valid CE Application" in my i mate sp5m
Wed7Nov at 11:46 am
Tiko wrote...
It NOT free !!!!! ??? Only Trial ! Bah!
Sat2Feb at 5:55 am
game wrote...
Mon25Feb at 12:10 pm
Farzam wrote...
fantastic BASS
Mon17Mar at 2:18 pm
raju nandi wrote...
nice software
Tue18Mar at 3:43 am
ammar wrote...
Mon1Sep at 6:40 am
karthik wrote...
Tue16Sep at 2:17 am
Brandon wrote...
Wed29Oct at 5:14 am
ranjith wrote...
i may be goodddd..
Thu6Nov at 9:37 am
mahdi wrote...
what registare code ? i havent registar cod . pleaze registar cod !
Fri13Feb at 3:01 pm
alexander wrote...
i'cant download
Wed15Jul at 3:02 am
aaron wrote...
sounds good
Mon2Nov at 10:56 am
nide wrote...
Wed30Jun at 6:56 am
soruch wrote...
Sun22Aug at 12:03 pm
webb wrote...
Tue21Sep at 11:07 am
arie wrote...
Tue2Nov at 11:13 am
salim suryana wrote...
download free pocket music player for motorola q9h
Tue2Nov at 11:20 am
salim suryana wrote...
download free pocket music player for motorola q9h
Tue2Nov at 11:31 am
salim suryana wrote...
free download pocket music player
Sat8Jan at 1:11 am
meshack wrote...
very goog
Wed2Feb at 11:15 am
enegreiros wrote...
The best!
Fri11Nov at 1:26 pm
jhonjojo wrote...
time is money



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