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» PocketSNES

Summary: PocketSNES is an emulator for the Microsoft Smartphone Platform

Arrived: 2004-08-03
Found under: pocketsnes

» PocketSNES Description

PocketSNES is an emulator for the Microsoft Smartphone Platform.

Available Features
Compatibility with most SNES roms 4Mb or smaller. Some SNES cartridges include special chips within the cartridge, these WILL NOT WORK on PocketSNES.
Portraight mode dropping 5/9 of the SNES pixels, Landscape mode left or right dropping 9/25 of the SNES pixels.
State is saved on load and exit.
Sound can be turned on but may not work/hangs, even if it works it is expected to sound bad due to the slow speed of the emulator.
Multiple Roms
Keys fully configurable. Layouts (and all other settings) saved to registry. Settings are global across all ROMs.

Installation Instructions
Download PocketSNES.exe.
Place PocketSNES.exe in some folder on the device (eg \Storage Card\Program Files\PocketSNES).
Place your ROM image files (.smc or .fig) in the same folder as PocketSNES.exe.
Create a shortcut on the programs menu to PocketSNES.exe.
Run PocketSNES from the programs menu.

the PocketSNES free for your smartphone

» Comments

Fri1Feb at 5:05 pm
juan| wrote...
cool stuff
Tue5Feb at 3:32 pm
john wrote...
this isn't looks cool but has no business in this listing
Mon9Jun at 3:24 pm
colace wrote...
hi! everybody
Thu23Oct at 2:27 pm
BRUNO wrote...
very good
Sun2Nov at 12:40 am
federicopimentel wrote...
Tengo problema para descargar poketsnes
Sun2Nov at 1:33 am
fericopimentel wrote...
yo tengo problema com este emulador
Wed28Apr at 6:39 pm
amauri wrote...
Fri8Oct at 11:21 am
test wrote...



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