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» PointUI

Summary: Take back control of your device with Pointui Home. No need to fumble for a stylus anymore as Home is designed with generously sized finger friendly controls.

Windows Mobile Smartphone 5 / 6

Arrived: 2008-05-09
Found under: shell, interface, point, finger, friendly, today, weather, time

» PointUI Description

please update your installations !!

Take back control of your device with Pointui Home. No need to fumble for a stylus anymore as Home is designed with generously sized finger friendly controls.

Home's intuitive controls and highly responsive user interface makes using your device a breeze. Here are a few of the key features Home has to offer:

Check the YouTube videos to see this great app in action !

UPDATED now black theme is available with some customization options

  • Control your device via touch or your thumb with the directional control
  • Smart Lists Navigation with bookmarks allows you to easily locate an item in even the largest lists
  • Choose the slide navigation that suits you
  • One touch access to calls, email, text messages and music
  • Easily see who and when calls were received, made and missed
  • Using the Applet Ribbon you can easily access the time, tasks, appointments, calendar and up to date weather forecasts and current temperatures
  • Easily manage your sound, wireless, battery and device settings
  • Easy create new emails, text messages, multimedia messages, tasks, appointments, documents and spreadsheets
  • Load and switch between running applications effortlessly
All this and more for free. If you love Home and feel like sharing that love then why not make a donation.

the PointUI free for your smartphone

» Comments

Sun17Feb at 10:11 am
jada wrote...
very god pr
Mon18Feb at 11:24 am
arix wrote...
very good i love this and its working great Thanks. Ali Rizvi / Maldives +9607761057
Tue19Feb at 5:55 am
kazu wrote...
Tue19Feb at 5:03 pm
Wawa wrote...
Too buggy to be used seriously. Lots of people couldn't even uninstall it. I don't recommend it.
Tue26Feb at 9:28 pm
tris wrote...
Sun2Mar at 9:07 am
Luis wrote...
very very nice app, I love great with tmobile dash.
Mon3Mar at 9:52 pm
parris brooks wrote...
very nice
Tue4Mar at 5:01 pm
jose wrote...
works great with att tilt I love it
Wed7May at 10:48 pm
Pointui wrote...
Please update this to version 1.51a. There are several fixes and better support for Smartphones in the latest release. Support can be found on and The Pointui Team.
Sat10May at 3:21 pm
Rick wrote...
everytime i do something it changes to landscape mode and i cant get it back, any ideas
Sun11May at 1:32 pm
mmusthafa wrote...
Tue13May at 3:50 pm
r young wrote...
Thu15May at 1:32 am
GoBucks wrote...
Best download hand down
Fri16May at 3:29 pm
Aaron wrote...
how do you unlock the phone if you don't have a touch screen?
Fri16May at 3:57 pm
Aaron wrote...
nevermind, I figured it out. hitting up then down on your d-pad or joystick should unlock it.
Tue20May at 9:12 am
BiNNHo wrote...
Muito bom.... Vale a pena baixar...
Wed21May at 6:00 pm
jamiecash wrote...
Great app a lil buggy I've had both versions. but I love it its nothing like it great job. please keep me posted on apps like these or update peace.
Sat24May at 1:48 pm
r young wrote...
Great PGM
Thu29May at 6:34 am
Rich wrote...
how do u install it though? downloads as an xml file
Thu5Jun at 10:01 am
Mags wrote...
yeh Im wondering how to install it oo. Thanks, it looks like something I could use:)
Thu5Jun at 11:39 am
Craig wrote...
Good program but don't install this app on a palm treo.. it always goes to landscape mode and you can never go back..
Sat7Jun at 4:10 am
Mags wrote...
found out how to install ..... here :
Sat7Jun at 4:26 am
Mags wrote...
ok Im using it on an Ipaq 514 voicemessenger and I like it. One problem tho is that I have just locked it and now the normal unlcoking procedure will not work. Looks like Im going to have to uninstall if I can and reinstall (being careful not to lock it from within PointUI). Also how can I set it as my home page? It doesnt come up in options for home page settings so I have to click on the application to use it.
Sat7Jun at 4:39 am
Mags wrote...
ok got the locked phone ulocked ... see here if you have this trouble :
Mon28Jul at 3:29 am
Urban Hagström wrote...
Sat30Aug at 6:44 pm
Michal wrote...
Amazing! I'm deeply lovin' it! keep on going!
Fri5Sep at 5:16 am
Yatin wrote...
Excellent works superb..! Love the interface. ! got it guys
Sat4Oct at 11:38 pm
Rodger wrote...
Using with Motorola Q9h (no touchscreen). Love the layout, and easy to navigate with the buttons, however the fact you have to exit to dial a number is annoying, and cannot seem to get the weather to function (keeps freezing when trying to access network, yet all my other network access is working). Overall however sets the platform for hopefully a few bug fixes to really get peoples interest.
Fri7Nov at 11:07 am
Robb wrote...
Great App! too bad doesnt show contact's picture ids!
Mon15Dec at 11:33 am
mezmerizingdiva wrote...
hi does anyone know how i can get this program onto my htc tilt phone i had the program off of someones memory card n it transfered to my phone but i made a stupid mistake a erased something now i dont have it anymore help!!!! and this website listed above doesnt work:>(
Mon29Dec at 8:14 am
Rado wrote...
hi. my device is smartphone .my screen is 320x 240 and this software works for 240x320 . how can i changeit ?
Fri16Jan at 2:29 pm
arsalan wrote...
I have windows mobile 5 and i cant install xml files wat do i have to do?
Mon2Feb at 1:32 am
Ovais wrote...
Looks great but giving problem on Palm Treo. Automatically switches to landscape mode while the touch points remain the same as on portrait mode. Anyone has idea how to correct it?
Sun8Feb at 9:57 am
ceekay wrote...
It doesn't work on my omnia
Wed18Mar at 3:15 am
gerard wrote...
pls help when i download it why it appears landscape on my samsung i780?
Sun12Apr at 4:31 pm
chinu wrote...
pls help why it landscape in my samsung i320
Thu22Apr at 3:33 pm
Roosevelt crosby wrote...
Sound texting
Fri4Nov at 10:22 am
Hayle wrote...
You get a lot of respcet from me for writing these helpful articles.
Sun28Oct at 4:31 pm
Krystallynn wrote...
I see, I spupose that would have to be the case.



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