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» Quran Reader 1.6

Summary: Read and Search the Holy Quran. Quran Reader provides Arabic with verse by verse english translation.

Arrived: 2005-11-28
Found under: Religion

» Quran Reader 1.6 Description

Read and Search the Holy Quran. Quran Reader provides Arabic with verse by verse english translation. Supports MIDP 1.0/MIDP 2.0 java-enabled phones. Note: Mobile must support .jar files larger than 550KB and screen width should be at least 128 pixels wide.

the Quran Reader 1.6 free for your smartphone

Made by: SearchTruth

» Comments

Fri1Dec at 4:34 am
Mikkel wrote...
A world of hate at your fingertips.
Fri22Dec at 12:40 am
No One Here wrote...
Mikkel will burn in Hell
Thu18Jan at 9:52 pm
fahad wrote...
it is grateness of allaha to give mind to u
Sat20Jan at 10:41 pm
Asad Khans wrote...
to seacr the knowldege and to transfers the the nowdlege of Holy quran to other peoples as well.
Wed23May at 4:47 pm
ArabianKing wrote...
Great app, New Orleans & Palestine 4 Life
Tue3Jul at 2:34 pm
Jesus Is God in Flesh wrote...
This will make a great witnessing tool. Now we will be able to show all the contradictions in the not so perfect quran.
Tue17Jul at 12:32 am
A.Raihan wrote...
I like Quran
Wed12Sep at 8:49 am
Abdullahi kuyanbana wrote...
God bless the team that made this application possible
Fri14Sep at 10:56 pm
Ahmed wrote...
"Mikkel" and "Jesus Is God in Flesh", Please guys, read Quran first and then build your opinions. don't judge a thing that you don't have the slightest idea about!!! or just because you heared some words about it you're gonna believe it and go spreading it around!
Wed10Oct at 2:23 am
Nadeem wrote...
Mikkel if you said Islam "a world of hate" then keep it in your mind that all relogions except Islam, have no value since Islam came into existance. Now Islam is the leading religion and sooner or later people do have to come to it. It is vast and complete and it covers the whole mankind in it. By understanding it, you could even imagine life after death as well. The true life, which will remain for ever. So come to join Islam ASAP and be the forgiven one.
Tue16Oct at 7:32 am
Umar wrote...
Islam is world's fastest growing relegion. And i admit that quran is a perfect book brought us by the holy prophet muhammed(pbuh) not like the bible that even a hundreds of priests and popes cannot make it perfect and true.
Fri14Dec at 7:56 am
REza wrote...
look how lame you people are. Even on a mobile website you try to insult islam. Wow. Talk about living in the free world. MIkkel is a moron who hasn't opened up the Quran to begin with. What ignorance!
Sat29Mar at 9:56 am
Chris wrote...
Jesus is the son of God. He came on the earth to meet the men and to dead on the cross to save him throught his blood, as said by prophets. Muhammad was only a shepperd, who invented a religion very agressive and with no love and peace. he was a fighter. Just a man !
Sat29Mar at 10:03 am
Chris wrote...
My mother was muslim an she converted to Jesus-Chist. She suffered in islam countred. All muslims converted to Christ are prosecuted and they have to hide themselves in house just for to sing and pray. There is NO LOVE in Islam. No democracy in Islam countries. Muslims are a game of a false religion !
Thu22May at 5:34 pm
Anonymous wrote...
wow if you only knew what was to come in the end you would regret these sayings Islam is true and so is the Holy Quran.
Sat16Aug at 7:31 am
idriss wrote...
An amazing book a miracle of this life and that will elevate its readers in the hereafter, for those who did not read it I recommend it you, give it a try it may change your life
Sun13Dec at 12:30 pm
Delowar wrote...
May Allah bless the people who produced this Quran for Java platform. THIS IS AMAZING and VERY helpful for me. I use this more than the printer Quran. It is a GREAT job++++.
Tue6Apr at 2:38 am
jinfoker wrote...
thanks for sharing dude. this is what i looking 4.
Mon14Jun at 2:30 am
Muhammad wrote...
I am trying lots od time through google serch but Iam unable to get it. pls send me the file so as to install in my htc mobile the full quraan raed and hear.
Thu17Jun at 10:03 pm
shafiq wrote...
Mikkel, u know wat is quran? It is describing ur destiny. Read it first before u make an openion. U may realise the truth.
Fri16Jul at 9:32 pm
andri wrote...
mikkel's obvious that you're the one who have hate inside...or perhaps you're a communist?? chris's much more easier to judge others than ourshelves right?... in this mortal life everyone may think that what they believe is the truth.... but we all shall see what happen beyond all of this... we shall see each other in truly form in life after death... so.. see you..!
Fri13Aug at 5:06 pm
Jordan Dell wrote...
Please just download this version and have it done. There are too many ignorant people here pointing at Islam. Maybe they should look at themselves and how much piety and purity they themselves possess. Which is none at all. One can't take advice from drunkards, womanizers and misguided rhetorics. Islam is too pure to argue against misguided people. If God himself tells you Jesus is NOT his Son then I won't listen to some pope (in his own words) to tell me otherwise!
Thu7Apr at 12:25 am
harun ibrahim wrote...
Mon13Jun at 8:27 pm
abdul hamma wrote...
I need the mobile qur an
Thu17Nov at 1:07 am
abdul wrote...
mikkel, jess & chris ... you all are animalz, bastard...! go to hell, musyrikin :-)



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