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» Rinku Iconbar for WM6.1

Summary: Very cool Iconbar for Windows Mobile Standart 6.1 working in portrait and landscape mode !

Windows Mobile Standart 6.1

Arrived: 2008-03-24
Found under: Utilities, Enhancement, today screen, iconbar, Rinku

» Rinku Iconbar for WM6.1 Description

Very cool Iconbar for Windows Mobile Standart 6.1 working in portrait and landscape mode ! Showing icons for bluetooth, wireless, GSM signall and such !

the Rinku Iconbar for WM6.1 free for your smartphone

» Comments

Mon24Mar at 5:53 am
enis yıldız wrote...
it is good. but I dont implement this theame
Mon24Mar at 5:56 am
enis yıldız wrote...
sorry it is for wm6 but my mobile phone wm5 I think it is not it
Mon24Mar at 8:34 am
iIIi wrote...
How do you place the weather on the pane?
Tue25Mar at 12:09 am
dlstblb wrote...
I don't think 6.1 is even out yet.
Tue25Mar at 8:51 am
sinja wrote...
there are wm6.1 rom available for download for the most HTC phones
Tue25Mar at 11:29 am
Greebe wrote...
WM 6.1 has been out for awhile now. This has been tested with WM6 and 6.1 (not that there is much difference between the two) Works great with the Shadow
Wed26Mar at 8:59 am
Bob2020 wrote...
Ran the cab on my VOX (wm 6.1) and nothing happened !
Thu27Mar at 3:59 pm
Saltiii wrote...
Here is the instruction on how to install it properly :)
Thu3Apr at 5:53 pm
fatih wrote...
Tue8Apr at 4:26 am
mrsr-edi wrote...
Fri30May at 9:05 pm
mite wrote...
good stuff
Mon2Jun at 11:05 am
chikoo wrote...
very very good software thanks man
Sun15Jun at 3:27 pm
cardenas5810 wrote...
hey how do u put dis file on my moto Q....any instructions please
Mon25Aug at 11:52 pm
Yogs wrote...
hi... i have a pantech duo and i was wondering... does this program work for windows mobile 6 on my phone and if so how do i install it because it tells me it couldnt be shown on the home screen.. thankyou!
Wed22Oct at 6:24 pm
tech boy wrote...
i have a Samsung Blackjack 2 and its preventing me from putting it on my phone. is there anything i can do besides voidng my phones warranty installing a hack?
Sun25Jan at 8:42 am
jamal wrote...
were do i go to download this screen?
Fri3Apr at 8:12 pm
paul wrote...
The zip is currupt.. anyone have a openible zip ? my emails
Thu9Apr at 8:31 pm
MIKE wrote...
I have a moto q with wm5, is there a cab for this version....the iconbar is really cool and I'd like to get it on my Q......
Tue19Jan at 12:25 am
rana wrote...
Fri30Sep at 5:31 am
arditrilaksono wrote...



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