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» SCalc 1.0.2101

Summary: Calculator SCalc keeps history of your calculations in Decimal, Hexadecimal, and Binary system, works with Degrees and Radians, has wide range of operators and functions. For FREE.

Arrived: 2005-10-02
Found under: Computer, Finance, Calculators

» SCalc 1.0.2101 Description

Designed for MS Smartphone it can make calculations in Decimal, Hexadecimal, and Binary number system, work with Degrees and Radians. Wide range of operators and functions is available while short number of commonly used operators are accessible with phone's keypad. The distinctive feature of SCalc is keeping history of your calculations. If you made a mistake or need to change an argument, you do not have to calculate the huge formula again. Just press back button and change the operand, operator, or function you like. Want to recollect your calculations made some hours ago? Just get back to the application on your phone and look at it. All the actions you made are there.

the SCalc 1.0.2101 free for your smartphone

» Comments

Sun13May at 12:50 am
Felipa wrote...
It worked perfectly for my Motorola Q
Thu5Jul at 2:27 pm
privat wrote...
Sat4Aug at 12:32 am
Abu Mahdi wrote...
It didn't work on i-mate SP JAS !!!
Thu30Aug at 12:20 pm
arler wrote...
I've had it on my Audiovox SMT-5600 for a couple years & I love it
Tue16Oct at 1:21 am
clau wrote...
Tue16Oct at 4:12 pm
leem wrote...
On my Motorola Q9m, the installer asked for a file called but then then finished the install anyway. Works somewhat, but seems quirky. Don't think WM6 supports it natively.
Tue23Sep at 5:57 pm
Jim R wrote...
Runs great on SMT5600(HTC Typhoon). Full featured and keeps a running list of calculation like a desktop calc w/paper printer. A+++



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