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» SendSMS 1.1

Summary: Send SMS messages from your PC

Arrived: 2003-08-02
Found under: Communications, Utilities, other

» SendSMS 1.1 Description

SendSMS allows you to send an SMS through a Smartphone device that is connected to your computer. It utilises a number of Microsoft technologies and has only been built and tested for the Orange SPV device. I originally only wrote this program for myself, but thought other people would find it useful. I uploaded links to a few web sites and the response has been fantastic! Go to for the latest version and news.

the SendSMS 1.1 free for your smartphone

Made by: Dr. Roodyn

» Comments

Thu12Apr at 12:10 am
husna wrote... please we in harry we want to finish up this work.
Sun27May at 8:12 am
Thang wrote...
Sat26Jan at 2:06 am
0774530862 wrote...
I can feel you.u're far awy
Tue23Feb at 8:04 am
Fred wrote...
There is a newer freeware product that works with all windows mo 6.5 here:



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