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» Shadow of Legend v0.3.0.0

Summary: Shadow of Legend is the world's first 2D mmorpg that realizes the simultaneous game play and interaction for both PC and mobile devices in the same world.

Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0 for Smartphone
QVGA screen size
200 MHz processor
15 MB available program RAM
1GB or above high speed memory card (FAT32 recommended, 66X speed or above)
WiFi or 2.5G/2.75G/3G wireless data connection

Arrived: 2007-11-11
Found under: game, 2d, MMORPG, shadow, legends

» Shadow of Legend v0.3.0.0 Description

Shadow of Legend is the world's first 2D mmorpg that realizes the simultaneous game play and interaction for both PC and mobile devices in the same world.

Shadow of Legend is the world's first High-Performance, Cross-Platform 2D MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game) targeting mobile devices. Players assume the roles of world heroes as they explore, adventure, and quest across the vast world of Agnes. Shadow of Legend allows thousands of players, whether they are on their PC or on their mobile device, to simultaneously interact with each other in the same world. Whether the players adventure together or battle one another for power and glory, the players can expect all the best features of an MMORPG to play seamlessly in the palm of their hand. Free to download and free to play.

the Shadow of Legend v0.3.0.0 free for your smartphone

» Comments

Tue13Nov at 12:26 am
Zappo wrote...
Only black screen on an HTC S620 :(
Thu15Nov at 3:54 pm
Easy E wrote...
Black screen on samsung Blackjack too
Mon19Nov at 2:54 am
kompressor wrote...
Fri21Dec at 3:15 pm
carlos wrote...
muy bueno
Sat5Jan at 9:04 pm
emman wrote...
Wed19Mar at 8:18 pm
zanb wrote...
blah. this form sucks.
Sat3May at 11:10 pm
Wisley wrote...
Fri27Jun at 1:37 pm
tirta wrote...
i cant download this game,why
Sun29Jun at 3:34 pm
ricky wrote...
thats very nice
Sun20Jul at 9:57 am
Henning Worm wrote...
Tue30Sep at 7:15 pm
garry wrote...
Broken links FTl :( me wnats this game :(
Thu12Mar at 12:24 pm
norik wrote...
the website to download it is broken... can someone send me a e-mail with the download setup of this game to pls?
Tue7Jul at 1:08 am
Toren wrote...
Awsome now i got something to do while at work lol
Sat18Jul at 4:45 am
john wrote...
i wolud really appreciate it if there was a new download link... thanx



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