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» Shakespeare Glossary Pocket Directory Smartphone Database

Summary: A dictionary of Shakespearean words and phrases; quite a useful reference while reading any work by William Shakespeare.

Arrived: 2004-05-10
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» Shakespeare Glossary Pocket Directory Smartphone Database Description

Stuck in a Shakespearean quagmire?

Town Compass® presents the Shakespeare Glossary for easier Elizabethan-to-Modern speech conversion. With nearly 2,000 words from a wide variety of Shakespeare's works, you'll never need fear a Shakespearean brain twister again. A fast reference for finding words in the Bard's plays and poems.

The Glossary includes:

  • Full-color Cover Page, Storage Card Compatibility, Searchable Records
  • A (102 entries), from abate to awkward
  • B (113 entries), from baccare to By'Rlakin
  • C (228 entries), from caddis to cypress
  • D (99 entries), from daff to dup
  • E (69 entries), from eager to eyne
  • F (123 entries), from facinorous to furnitor
  • G (72 entries), from gaberdine to gyve
  • H (57 entries), from hack to huswife
  • I (64 entries), from ice-brook to iteration
  • J (17 entries), from jack to juvenal
  • K (20 entries), from kam to know
  • L (80 entries), from labras to lym
  • M (85 entries), from made to mutine
  • N (25 entries), from napkin to nuthook
  • O (39 entries), from O to owe
  • P (142 entries), from pack to puttock
  • Q (28 entries), from quail to quote
  • R (83 entries), from rabato to rushling
  • S (220 entries), from sacrificial to swinge
  • T (107 entries), from table to twire
  • U (49 entries), from umbered to utterance
  • V (41 entries), from vade to vulgarly
  • W (91 entries), from waft to wry
  • X (1 entry), Xanthippe
  • Y (12 entries), from yare to younker
  • Z (1 entry), zany
Organized in a three-layer subject hierarchy and in an index in remarkably small files, so navigation on your handheld is fast and easy.

the Shakespeare Glossary Pocket Directory Smartphone Database free for your smartphone

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