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» SmartAmp

Summary: Play MOD and XM formats on your Windows Mobile Smartphone

- SmartPhone Windows Mobile 2003
- SmartPhone Windows Mobile 2003SE
- SmartPhone Windows Mobile 5.0
- SmartPhone Windows Mobile 6 Standard

Arrived: 2008-06-24
Found under: audio, player, mod, xm

» SmartAmp Description

SmartAmp 0.03a is an audio player of files in format MOD and XM. There are plenty of free MOD files on the Internet, so if you like them you can use this program to play them on the Smartphone.

Note from SFD:

SmartAmp was initially intended to play MP2/MP3/OGG/WAV/RAW/MID/MOD/XM/IT/S3M files. But this project was frozen back in 2003 in the Alpha stage. Since then there were neither any updates released nor a functional CAB-installer. The project seem to be abandoned.

Installation Instructions:

1. Place 'SmartAmp.exe' and 'fmodce.dll' in a directory together under '\IPSM\Program Files\' or '\Storage Card\Program Files\'
2. Create a shortcut to 'SmartAmp.exe' and move it to '\IPSM\Windows\Start Menu\'
3. Place your music files under '\Storage Card\My Music\'

NOTE: You must place all music files under the path given in step 3.

the SmartAmp free for your smartphone

» Comments

Tue24Jun at 8:03 pm
sharon wrote...
The best ever
Mon28Jul at 7:48 am
long wrote...
Mon11Aug at 1:30 pm
teaphot wrote...
how to download?
Tue23Sep at 7:10 am
Eliz wrote...
Thumbs Up!!!
Mon6Oct at 4:27 am
mujib wrote...
this is a good step to provide the free softwares for the people who cannot afford to purchase.
Mon15Feb at 2:13 am
todd johnson wrote...
Sun13Jun at 7:39 am
cahyo wrote...
ini jadi yang terbaik
Tue2Nov at 12:00 pm
salim suryana wrote...
downloads smartamp for motorola q9h
Tue2Nov at 11:27 pm
salim suryana wrote...
Fri17Dec at 7:02 pm
budi wrote...



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