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Summary: A simple IRC client for Windows Mobile Smartphones

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2008-06-11
Found under: irc, chat, client

» Description

A simple IRC client for Windows Mobile Smartphones

The First time you start the settings dialog will be displayed. The settings are stored in \Storage\ircnet.ini for future sessions, and the settings can be altered using Menu/Settings. There are almost no convenience functions for entering IRC commands, so one has to know the IRC protocol to do anything fancy.

If there is no active channel, all text entered will be sent as raw IRC protocol messages. If you are on a channel, the text will be sent to the channel. To send raw IRC protocol messages when on a channel, prefix the line with a comma. To send private messages at any time, start the line with a dot and the nickname of your private message partner. To send actions, prefix your action with @.


join #mychannel // Join #mychannel (no active channel)
,join #otherchannel // Join #otherchannel
,part #otherchannel // Leave #otherchannel
,mode #mychannel +o MyFriend // Give ops to MyFriend on #mychannel
,kick #mychannel MyEnemy :You suck // Kick out MyEnemy from #mychannel
.MyFriend Your place or mine? // Send private message to MyFriend
. Why can't we meet? // Send another private message to MyFriend
Anyone here with a life? // Send message to current channel
@Does something silly // Send action to current channel

My Texts have two special characters. '#' is replaced with the current channel name, if any, and the cursor is located between the first pair of spaces in the My Texts string, if found. If not, the cursor is located at the end of the My Texts string.

the free for your smartphone

Made by: Kim Nyberg

» Comments

Sun20Jul at 5:59 am
KY Visothsambath wrote...
It's very good to run into this site.
Sun20Jul at 6:03 am
KY Visothsambath wrote...
Could you tell me why I cannot open my downloaded file? Please kindly reply soon and send me this software for chat, thank.
Fri10Oct at 4:14 pm
YungGunner wrote...
well.. im unable to download the smarIRC. Im using HTC s710 wm5. Can u help me out
Fri16Jan at 6:11 am
nibbs wrote...
Works great on my HTC S710. Just had to figure out, that i had to remove the colon in the "server" field. Thanks for that tool, giving me the opportunity even more. w00t! ;)
Sat1Aug at 10:08 pm
ThatOneDude wrote...
Program does not run on Samsung Omnia i910 (Verizon) with Wozzer's cracked Windows Mobile 6.5 Rom
Sun15Nov at 3:36 pm
Wenneguen wrote...
Hi, i'm french and the program is running on my HTC Touch Diamond, but what am I supposed to write in " Server " blank ? And in the first long blanck ? Because it says " Connecting to : " but nothng happen and I think it is because of the empty blank ( excuse me if the word blank is not right ^^ ) Thank you very much ! ( answer me at please ! )
Wed22Sep at 5:46 am
test wrote...



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